Monday, September 15, 2014


We watched Masterpiece Theater last night and saw a number of ads for Viking River Cruises. While it looks like fun I'm sure they've left out the part that made it so much fun for actual vikings.

Viking Shortish-Long-Ship Going Roving 
Little mention given to the opportunity to debark for a little looting and pillaging. The ads were all about cultural stuff no sane man would be interested in. I mean somebody has to pay for the gas burned by that outboard.

Saturday, September 13, 2014


If you're looking for a little peace there is good news! Al Qaida has released all 45 captured Fijian peaceniks who peacefully surrendered all of their weapons and ammunition to the terrorists who took them captive. In a stunning about face, the terrorists didn't actually shoot or even lightly behead any peacekeepers. The UN and the commander of Fijian forces hail the release of the disarmed and essentially useless peacekeeper heroes.

I think the UN should consider planting ferns in the Golan since they would be every bit as deadly as Fijian peacekeepers and look better while providing shade for very small animals. We wouldn't want to get those ferns with sharp leaves though since those could hurt somebody.

Friday, September 12, 2014


I wrote the words to Mortality I elsewhere. I doubt they'll ever see the light of day. Do you think a super intelligent 11 year old can conceal an iPod touch from a hyper-intelligent vengeful Demoness God?

 I should eschew music and just listen to NPR or nothing at all. I don't listen to the old music but sometimes, when my fingers slip, I hear the echoes.

Did you know the Russians have almost 10 times more atomic weapons than we do? Let us all remember who Russians are for a second. They were the ones that trained nazis in airmanship and U-boats before 1939 and then joined Germany in invading Poland. Their leaders are spectacularly evil. I mean that. Russian leaders are unrivaled in being despicable.*

Why wouldn't Putin sell a couple of atomic weapons to islam if they promised not to use them on Russia? Seriously? I wouldn't be caught dead living in Washington DC, Brussels, New York City or San Francisco. I don't tan as well as I used to and a flash tan is nothing I want.

*Except for liberal progressives.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


I used to live alone. On this day, in the past, a breathless voice over the phone told me to turn on my TV. It is sometimes hard to imagine the interlude between that day and this. I have many regrets but none as wrenching as those who went into evening that day mourning the loss of loved ones.

I was one of those beings that is largely unneeded in war. I was very good at what I did but I was no longer a junior lieutenant and Chief Engineer or a Fire Control Officer or even a staff LCDR. I was one of THEM. I remember them from my days in wars. They were the hordes of staff officers who were there to inspect, neglect, detect, infect and comment on the lack of gloss on my sandals.

I used to have this chat with the General and he told me I was wrong and that whole theaters of war cried out for senior Commanders and junior Navy Captains to take charge and.... Well, I didn't believe him even if he was a general. I was never better led then when I was in the Persian Gulf and my commodore, ISIC and the rest of the staff were 8000 miles away in Seattle. The only hole they could pound a peg like me into, in a major land war in Asia, was bound to be square and I wasn't going to fit. Seriously, you have to work on a Joint Task Force or major Army staff to appreciate how horrible it is.

I still put on the uniform every single day but my days of actually waging war were passed and opening. I could live with that. Been there, done that.  I listened to the blandishments of the general about maybe leading a provincial reconstruction team somewhere in Afghanistan and I would proudly do so if called but seriously, who the hell wants someone like me running a PRT? I could have any number of jobs on staff in either Iraq or Afghanistan but I despise staff and I always have. Pirates don't have staff and I was a pirate.

I made some things after 9/11 and I lost them. One of them is still very dear to me.

The wind picked up a bit later and she might have fallen overboard but we're not ever telling anyone especially her mother and grandmothers.

Today is a special day of regret for us in America. Right about this time 13 years ago, I became something other than I was. Yes, a father, but also someone who knew war and didn't miss it. Back as a youngster I dabbled in war and then serving on the 5th Fleet staff, I had a moment to reflect on it back in 1996. I was called in to help plan a strike with cruise missiles. I remember taking a half hour to walk the only corridor NAVCENT boasted back then and then stepping outside for a smoke as I contemplated the effects we were bent on achieving. We were going to send a full Tomahawk salvo into Iraq because that would make a difference in 1996,

At Fort Riley, when I was the age of the decorative bow art above, and the general was a battalion commander, these were the two towers.

As with Middle Earth, we lost a lot in the fall of the towers. The loss of life was painful. We lost so much more in the days that followed.

Once upon a time, I lived 50 miles away from them back when I lived on an Arsenal of the West in New Jersey.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I think they're messing with us.
The lack of clearance could waste precious time in the event of an emergency.
“[He] would have to jump through hoops” to get more detailed classified information, a source said.
Because nobody except Snowden, Chelsea Manning and you would have any access to classified information.

It's as believable as Gore with his secret information about Global Warming that nobody was going to tell you about because, classified.


This is a tragic story which you can read here. It's reminds me of the Homeric sagas and the pathos is genuine and bloody silly. A school official was asked why an 11 year old girl couldn't be permitted chapstick before her lips split and bled all over the playground exposing over 600 little children to possible ebola or HIV contamination.
George Earhart, the assistant superintendent for administration with the Augusta County Schools, said Chapstick is considered an over-the-counter medication by the school board. The board has a policy regarding such medicines. He said Chapstick could be allowed if a physician asked for a student to use it, and it was administered by a school nurse.
If you were lured off by the link to read the story, rejoice in the first comment posted there. It's a gem.
John Armstrong · Project Accountant at Shafer, Kline & Warren
I say fight absurdity with absurdity. Get all 680 students to have a doctors permission to use Chapstick. That requires the school to store all 680 tubes, individually labled to prevent cross-contamination, and have all 680 students line up so the school nurse can apply it for them. That should make the point well enough.

Chapstick: a gateway drug.


I was dropping off and picking up family today at the place downtown and I saw this as I pulled out. I ordered the nephew next to me to take a shot with my iphone because, honestly, how often does one get a shot like this.
Dangerous Cargo White on board!
Howard Pease never wrote better prose and he was a master. OK, OK, I think it's a brilliant picture for our time and place.

There are people alive today who never saw the Blues Brothers. They never saw Animal House either and we'll let them off lightly that they never saw Super Troopers. I wasn't going to mention Austin Powers but something forced me to.


It's really very simple but they fail to grasp even the simplest things. At the end, you pay for every illegal migrant. How simple is that? It's not just that they take jobs from Americans, they also force American tax payers to pay to educate their children which shouldn't be a crime anymore than refusing to pay for it should be a crime. Two things are against the law: illegal immigration and failing to pay your taxes. Only one is punished in this era.

Guess which one.

For my liberal friends, read it again very slowly and aloud. See the difference?


From the local police blotter after we got back and learned that our neighbors had all been robbed.
A clerk at the BP station on Larchmere Blvd. reported that a Black male, approximately six foot one, wearing a black hoodie and black pants entered the store with a handgun.The suspect proceeded to take $125 in cash and $280 in lottery tickets from the business and $272 in cash from a customer inside of the store. The suspect then fled the scene. The investigation is ongoing.
It's a fashion statement that should be augmented by a hint of plumbum in the head. I keep seeing cities passing local ordinances banning saggy pants but I've never heard of a single city or town that thought banning mugger costumes was an appropriate way to spend time at city council meetings. I wonder why it never seems to come up.

Neither condition is really a fashion statement so much as it is a shoutout that screams to the world that yes, yes you are in fact too damned stupid to pull your pants up over your knees and that you're a criminal suspect looking for the next scene of the crime. I've never understood the narrow philosophy that insists that it's no crime to dress like a mugger on the one hand and yet passionately hate being treated like a criminal simply because one looks like a criminal on the other hand.

I'm no fashion maven or clothes horse myself. 30 years in Southern California and a lifetime before that racing sailboats left me addicted to wearing shorts, sandals, ball caps, sunglasses and T-shirts. With sandals. 30 years of wearing a uniform always meant changing when I got home. That used to mean a hot tub on the back patio but the definition always included shorts, t-shirt and sunglasses.

There is one guy in the picture who managed to wear a hoodie. Guess which one started a towering bonfire one night right off the coast of Iraq. Go on, guess. He is standing right next to the admiral. When I was choosing my team for this op, the CSO said no girls. After reflecting on it for a microsecond, I saw his point.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014


How is a wife of a governor guilty of public corruption? She swore no oath, took no office and was not elected. We live in a weird country.


Sometimes it is helpful to go back in time a little bit and look at the things that were bizarre about the navy and the military in the heady days before we totally obligated ourselves to building a peaceful civilized state around the flickering embers of Iraq. With that in mind, here for your wonderment are the offices of the Program Manager for Warfare that provided the oversight for the production of the Global Command and Control System - Maritime (GCCS-M). The Department of Defense and you spent $400,000,000 to update GCCS from JOTS and its previous incarnations running on sand computers, abacuses, and Rubic's cubes into the heady amazing system that nobody uses today.
Entrance to PMW 157. The wall on the left is the SPAWAR facilities office
PMW-157's Mobile Ops Comm for Maritime Surveillance (P-3 aircraft) with a rain bucket
The rain in the bucket had to come from somewhere. This is it.
The cubicle reserved for the Dictator of Patagonia. (Embiggen to read the sign)
The Dictator of Patagonias usual office looking out over SPAWAR, North Island the Point Loma.
I'm pretty sure that I got to keep using the cubicle on a temp basis because the featherheads at the Global Command and Control System-Maritime really expected to see an actual dictator of Patagonia in there. Who else would want to work in that dump?  I happened to be overseas when my program office (PMW-183) sold us all down the river and exiled us to PMW 157. When they counted noses to reserve office space for us, my nose was in Korea and went unpicked. When I returned from Korea, my actual office during these trying times was across the road as seen above. It's hard to believe that our boss at PMW-157, Captain Rodriguez, was promoted to Rear Admiral and selected as the Chief Engineer of Space and Navy Warfare Systems Command. On the other hand, he immediately moved out of this dump and went to the splendiferous Flag Officer office at the opposite end of Old Town Campus where his paint job and carpet had not been hand picked by Howard Hughes in 1937.

It was kind of funny. My secretary got me an NMCI laptop before I went to Korea. It never ever connected to any kind of wireless NMCI service but it was perfect for connecting to the hotel's free WIFI hotspot on that balcony which meant I could sit there in splendid comfort, wet bar and swimming pool to my back, ice machines and sodas to my right and a really awesome Mexican buffet one flight up. I suffered in this fashion for month after month until my boss decided to use his influence to finally get me a cube in PMW 157.

It was a truly wonderful time. It was about 10 years ago, today.

Monday, September 8, 2014


It's an interesting observation given how far away is Toledo.


The story can be found in Plane and Pilot Magazine and was originally entitled: Speed is Life. Somebody emailed it to me many years ago. It's just a page and well worth a read or a reread.

    "What was the slowest you ever flew the Blackbird?"
    Brian Shul, Retired SR-71 Pilot, via Plane and Pilot Magazine

    The longer we continued to peer
    out the window and circle, the slower we got.  With our power back, the
    awaiting cadets heard nothing.  I must have had good instructors in my
    flying career, as something told me I better cross-check the gauges.  As
    I noticed the airspeed indicator slide below 160 knots, my heart
    stopped, and my adrenalin-filled left hand pushed two throttles full
    forward.  At this point, we weren't really flying, but were falling in a
    slight bank.

    Just at the moment, both afterburners lit with a
    thunderous roar of flame (and what a joyous feeling that was), and the
    aircraft fell into full view of the shocked observers on the tower.
    Shattering the still quiet of that morning, they now had 107 feet of
    fire-breathing titanium in their face, as the plane leveled and
    accelerated, in full burner, on the tower side of the infield, closer
    than expected, maintaining what could only be described as some sort
    of ultimate knife-edge pass.

There's more at the link.

Sunday, September 7, 2014


There are two videos that really need watching today. Both are posted at Maggie's Farm but I am taking the liberty of linking to them at you tube. One explains why modern art sucks

The second is a recorded speech in Switzerland. I don't really think people understand Europeans. 99% of Americans think that Europeans are as squishy as us but I don't. Oh no.

When the Germans tired of the Jews, they acted with dispatch. When the rest of Europe tired of the Germans and irredentism, they acted with dispatch. All of this happened yesterday. Hundreds of millions of people alive today remember the events of 1932 -1949.

It wasn't just Germans that practiced savagery beyond human understanding. Once the war was over and the countries of Europe had a chance to draw breath and determine that Germans were the problem, EVERY country in middle Europe expelled EVERY native German. There wasn't going to be another Sudatenland where some Chancellor of Germany could inform Europe that he was acting on behalf of the native German population!  NO! From 1945, the ONLY Germans would be found in Germany and Austria because every nation drove them all out at gunpoint.

You can get a tiny glimpse into the mindset of such people when you look at what is happening in Ukraine this very day. Stalin settled the western sphere of Russia's historic border with Russians and tried his best to exterminate the native Balts, Lats, Lithuanians, Hungarians, Bulgarians, White Russians and Ukrainians and now Putin is reaping that bitter harvest by supporting the "Russian" Ukrainians against the utterly corrupt and vile Ukrainian government.

I really think that the muslims in Europe think that the Europeans, [EUROPEANS!!!!!!] are too civilized to deal with them as they did the Jews and the Germans.

On the other hand, I could be wrong.


Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman's excellent book, Good Omens, is being turned into a radio play by some of the same crew who brought us the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy radio show. I must have listened to that a thousand times over the years since it served to drown out some of the more objectionable noises I used to hear as I was trying to fall sleep on warships in various oceans and seas around the world. I can't really listen to it anymore because it sends me to sleep but it was a really great radio play.

I have to say that I am looking forward to hearing this.  Good Omens.
The 1990 book tells the story of angel and demon Aziraphale and Crowley who team up to try and save the world from an impending apocalypse. 
Mark Heap and Peter Serafinowicz will star in the leads for the play, set to air on BBC Radio 4 as a "splendid Christmas treat" in December.
The BBC does some really wonderful radio plays. I remember being very ill and listening very late at night on my short wave radio to Heart of a Dog. It was very droll. I haven't read any of the great man's books, but I will. I think someone like Putin is bound to re-suppress Mikhail Bulgakov.

Saturday, September 6, 2014


I was referred to Maddox by Ace of Spades and his referral to a Maddox video about the Fem-Spider Woman Flap. I enjoyed that little video but thought this was more appropriate. I'd be open to the idea of paying some fees that the airlines haven't yet decided to make available. The Delta one in particular. I think Southwest and Frontier should be allowed to sell that fee for punching Delta employees too.

I remember well one Delta gate agent who, in response to all questions asking about any updated information on the long delayed SFO-LAX flight that was already 4 hours late departing SFO one Sunday night, raved at any and all DELTA customers that if they weren't 50 feet away from him in 3 seconds he was calling the cops!!!! I never flew Delta again and its been over 20 years now.

It was an interesting story, as travel on Delta goes. The plane was actually there at the gate for the first 3 hours. Sitting there, waiting for its flight crew who were flying in from Wisconsin or some state like that. They were delayed and delayed by storms. No worries. There's lots of flight crews and sure enough, another flight crew showed up and stole our airplane. They were flying to Texas and since our flight crew wasn't there, Delta swapped their broken aircraft for ours and it flew away.

About two hours later, our flight crew showed up and, checked into a hotel. They had clocked out during the flight and were forced to take crew rest at which point Delta maybe, started looking around for a flight crew to replace them. They actually found one and I saw the pilot walk underneath the plane parked at our gate, come back out from under it and grab a ground staffer by the arm and drag him under. They came out about 5 minutes later and the pilot disappeared. He reappeared a moment later through the jetway door and told the copkaller that the plane would not fly. It was broken.

It took Delta 9 hours to produce a plane and flight crew for us and for the entire time they disdained us all, called the police, ignored us and only that one time when the pilot was there did they actually tell us the truth.

There was a 3rd Class Petty Officer who had duty starting 0700 Monday morning on whatever carrier it was there at North Island. She was moaning in fear as she lamented the terrible things that her Master Chief and ship were going to do to her for being AWOL and worrying about Captain's Mast. I took pity on her, as any of us would, and asked if she had permission to be out of the local area for the weekend and she did. She was on leave. I told her not to worry and said only a nuke would go crazy about an act of the DEvil LTA. I told her to call the ship and tell them what was happening and to relax. There was nothing she could do about the situation. The only other flight was sold out and gone. There were no other flights possible to San Diego until morning.

When I returned to the office in San Diego on Monday, I called in my travel guy and said no more LAX and no more DELTA or I'll be forced to shoot you. I give the Petty Officer a great deal of credit for being able to tell a very real threat from an idle one.


This tragic story from the BBC has an interesting twist which leads me to believe that she didn't bother to read the text she had written for this article or she was asleep when she wrote it. I think in the old days news and wire services struggled mightily to be accurate. Nowadays, they struggle mightily to remain relevant and akracy can go to the devil.
1 September 2014 Last updated at 14:17 BST 
A lorry driver who killed two charity cyclists in Cornwall has been jailed for eight and a half years. 
Truro Crown Court heard that delivery driver Palmer, 32, of Bude, in Cornwall had almost definitely fallen asleep at the wheel when he hit Andrew McMenigall and Toby Wallace on the A30 in 2013. 
He had had no proper sleep for 24 hours and was texting at the time the accident occurred. 
Leigh Rundle reports.
It's one or the other Leigh but you aren't allowed to say both.

Friday, September 5, 2014


One of the things that puzzles people today is how it became national policy to hunt the Buffalo nearly to extinction. They used to cover the Great Plains in their uncounted millions but their numbers were reduced to a small handful after hunters went after them without mercy.

What is a nomad? Who were the nomads of the Great Plains who followed the buffalo? How do you get nomads to give up their roaming ways and settle down?

It was good to catch another glimpse of the bison as we drove around Colorado. Naturally, the only place we saw any was up in the Rocky Mountains on our way to Breckinridge.

Thursday, September 4, 2014


I read this story in the New York Times and wondered how effete city dwellers are in New York. In any civilized part of the galaxy, people who find 10 years of scaffolding to be ridiculous would simply pull their pickup truck next to it, wrap a chain around the scaffolding, secure it to the trailer hitch and drive away for awhile.

I know, I know. There isn't a single pickup truck owner who lives within 10 miles of this place. What a pity.


It turns out that there are a million videos like this one:

All of them feature people who went to school 5 days a week year after year until they left. Every one of these people started out at school eager to learn. I literally see them every single day as they get off the bus or are walked to school by their parent. This is almost worse than the "Out Walking" episodes where talk show hosts ask voters who is president and 74% don't actually have a clue.

From Thomas Jefferson:
I look to the diffusion of light and education as the resource most to be relied on for ameliorating the condition, promoting the virtue and advancing the happiness of man. 
It didn't use to be such a long road and we all used to agree what it meant to be better and more virtuous.

We've always had the wastelands. They used to be found in places we didn't go. It's a standard joke with me that I share, "if we hear banjo music we're turning around!"

Wonder in amazement that the former major industrial city cores are nothing but wastelands with a few tiny oases of civilization. The surrounding heart of those cities is bleaker than anything Oliver Twist would have known.

I didn't do it. You didn't do it. None of my actual ancestors did it,  but we left the inner cities to the non-existent mercies of the communists, fellow travelers, and the liberal progressives and they destroyed what was left behind as people grew tired of them and moved to other places to escape the reach of socialists who know better than you.

Those guys still insist that they know better than you. They have a plan for you. You won't survive it.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014


There has long been a valid reason that Americans won't fight under the command of others in other people's wars. This sorry story is largely part of the reason why we won't fight under other than our own commanders. Whenever people wonder why Americans are so adamant about declining to fight under French or UN command, this is why.
The Philippine military said Monday that a U.N. peacekeeping commander in the Golan Heights should be investigated for allegedly asking Filipino troops to surrender to Syrian rebels who had attacked and surrounded their camp. 
Gen. Gregorio Pio Catapang said he advised the 40 Filipino peacekeepers not to lay down their arms, and they defied the U.N. peacekeeping commander's order. Instead, they staged a daring escape from the Golan camp over the weekend, ending a tense, days long standoff. 
The disagreement is another blow to a U.N. peacekeeping mission that has been threatened by an escalation of violence in a buffer zone it has been guarding between Israel and Syria. A number of countries have withdrawn their troops from the peacekeeping force due to rising rebel attacks. 
Forty-five Fijian peacekeepers who surrendered their firearms to the rebels last week are still being held by the al-Qaida-linked insurgents.
Capturing and killing Fijians is not supposed to be easy.

One of the mandatory training films we watched after 9/11 was about UN and US efforts in Somalia during the unpleasantness after Desert Storm. It featured Marine General Anthony Zinni talking about what went sour in our efforts to bring some peace to the region. A part of the problem, according to Zinni, was that American troops have a special cachet that troops from no other country share.

American soldiers are perceived as a challenge to be engaged and therefore American forces tend to treat all unfriendly situations as "hostile" situations where many European or Fijian commanders would stand down and go in the bag if it meant reducing tensions because, historically, nobody really wants to kill UN peace keepers. They'll stretch a bit to kill any American, even American's in wheel chairs in order to make a political statement. Most will engage and kill any UN Peace forcers.

Kipling was right though when he spoke of being left on the plain with the jihadis and their women:
When you're wounded and left on Afghanistan's plains,
And the women come out to cut up what remains,
Jest roll to your rifle and blow out your brains
An' go to your Gawd like a soldier.
No American soldier should ever be forced by higher authority to surrender to muslims. Only a UN or muslim Commander would attempt to demand it of soldiers.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


There are renewed calls for America to wage war in Iraq and maybe go ahead and bomb the hell out of Syria while we're at it. There are also a handful of people who are dead keen to 'draw a line in the sand' for Putin and Russia as they carry out what must be the slowest invasion in European history in Ukraine. With that said, it is probably worthwhile to recall the staggering costs and consequences of air wars waged on ignorant savages from 30,000 feet.
Depleting stocks of Precision Guided Munitions (PGM) used by European Air Forces could soon trigger a renewed demand for these weapons, and heat up the debate of cost versus efficiency. Recent news reports from the U.S. that claimed precision munitions stocks of certain NATO members were depleting quickly were rebuffed by official responses from Britain and France, claiming their air forces could continue unaffected at current operational tempo. However, Pentagon sources insisted Washington was in talks with NATO allies to ensure a sufficient supply of munitions for the Libya bombing campaign.
I happen to think that the NATO countries that participated in bombing Libya the last time did severely deplete their stocks of precision guided munitions. I wouldn't be at all surprised if they took to simply dropping dumb gravity bombs after they looked at the amount of damage they were inflicting on the enemy (none at all) and the cost to replace $300,000 weapons being used to kill the product of the most unskilled and viciously productive labor on the planet (muslim terrorists).

Every bomb we drop is the equivalent of a full-ride scholarship to Harvard and Harvard Law and each graduate of those are immensely more destructive than anything we could kill with a bomb today.

Launching a full scale bombing campaign against even more muslim terrorists in defense of other muslim terrorists strikes me as a bad idea. Not sustainable. Fiscally unsound. Stupid on the very face of it. Fighting to haul Ukraine out of the clutches of Putin strikes me as even sillier. After all, if the Ukraine was serious they'd have unleashed the kind of spoiling attacks that work wonders with Russians and yet, I haven't seen a single sign that any oil or gas pipelines feeding Western Europe with GAZPROM products has been attacked. There have been no terror attacks in Moscow or St. Petersburg. No hijackings, no skyjackings and no ugly videos other than what we have seen of the Malaysian Airliner shot down over Ukraine by Russian soldiers. A country "fighting for its survival" losing just 7 soldiers in 2 days is not really a country fighting for survival. If they won't fight for it, why would anyone else?

From now until the end of the world, if you mean to keep your liberty, you better fight for it and that means you better arm yourself. The American Expeditionary Force isn't going to launch again for another generation, maybe two. Our friends on the great China fringe better understand that too.

That's going to have some immediate near term consequences when it comes to peaceful technical powers deciding to abrogate the Nuclear Weapons policies of the last 50 years and test the limits of the Treaty on the Non Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. There are more than a score of countries that can go nuclear whenever they wish. As they see the handwriting on the wall we may well see a new generation of MAD warfare along the lines of our Cold War with the USSR. I suspect a number of splendid liberal governments in the West have activated old plans to initiate nuclear weapon programs of their own. After all, our policies, put in place over the last 6 years, have made it clear to them all that the dream of collective defense and a nuclear umbrella is past and opening.

Who thought de Gaulle was prescient when he insisted on the Force de Frappe?

Monday, September 1, 2014


Yes, that used to be how some people referred to the members of the U.S. Consular Service but now, thanks to Mrs. Obama, we can has them too at our public schools where bake sales are verboten and fines levied if anybody sells actual real tasty food anywhere near the sauerkraut and broccoli slop being sold to the students by the purveyors of the Federal Lunch Program.

Can't you see the wily little devils bringing in the scores of chocolate chip cookies and brownies and selling them for a $ apiece to the starving proletarian masses? You just know it will all end in tears when someone nibbles one into the shape of a gun and goes on a non-shooting rampage leading to the deployment of SWAT goons, machine guns and vicious bitey dogs to schools near you.

Something to look forward to....

Saturday, August 30, 2014


It looks like a couple of people have decided that the world's missing heat is hiding in the deep Atlantic where it is lurking under a bushel or something slightly scarier. At any rate, it's just a matter of days now before we'll be buried again under a rain of misery and screams of outright terror as the ignorant followers of the Global Warming Permanent Crisis get reminded of the ocean bottom clathrates that will melt and KILL US ALL!!!!!

So we have that too look forward to. I guess were going to be forced to pave the bottom of the oceans. Just to be safe.

UPDATE: WORLD TURNING INTO ICE!!!!  Well, who are you going to believe, Gore, or your lying satellites taking pictures of the polar ice cap from orbit?

I'm waiting for Gore and the Cult of Warm scammers to start mentioning swarms of Piranha bees or Giant mutant star goats. As I recall, they have already leaped aboard the Ebola train by blaming global warming for its increasing spread.

Friday, August 29, 2014


A truly despicable man died in prison today while serving out his sentence for betraying his country. He had an enormous impact on my life and the lives of countless others. May he and all his family rot in hell. It is still, almost unbelievable, that his wife had to practically tackle an FBI agent, throw him to the ground and tattoo the word SPY on his forehead to get the idiots there and at NIS to take any notice of the traitor who gave away Fleet Broadcast, TGO, HiComm and the secrets of the KW 7, KY 28 and KY 38.

Having learned nothing from this one, the Army went on to give a twit like Manning full unmonitored access to the entire Secret Internet Protocol network and the NSA did the same thing when it hired people who gave Snowden full unmonitored access to the SCI network.

Background investigations used to mean something but I saw the handwriting on the wall, literally, when I went to my first staff job and saw on the bulletin board a little notice tacked up announcing that anybody who had been denied a security clearance from the U.S. Government simply because they were Vietnamese, Chinese, Cuban, East German, Hungarian, etc, could now sue the government. That was back in 1991. Good going guys.