Friday, April 17, 2015


One of the things I enjoy about the meltdown is the overt and social in it.

At this point in the race to president, democrats have shrillary. There are no other tru dems walking out there in the polity of the electorate. The rethuglicans have 20 men wandering around in those shrubs beating the bushes for your vote. Unlike McCain, I'd vote for any of them.

I am not a DEM but can't you feel their little hearts beating aloud as they face the rest of us with just a shrillary?

I don't tell them this of course but it's like the bloke standing there in the trench at the Marne with a rubber bayonet and nothing else.

How did the democratic party get to be the party of loser leaders like Obama who did nothing, shrillary, Al Gore, Biden. One can hate McCain but at least that man lived a life and if we wanted to we could see his college transcript. Everything we see about any democrat is scrubbed, wiped out, or made up or massively concealed and hidden.

Did I mention that I quite like Ms. Palin? She too was one with solid, observable, meaningful credits in her resume. Obviously, not a democrat. 


Well I suppose not. This is putative democratic denominee.  Srsly, anybody who votes for her should be hauled off to the Sargasso Sea and dumped.
"Pottawattamie County Democratic Chairwoman Linda Nelson said the meeting was so private that everyone invited was asked to hand over their cellphones and cameras before taking part."
The Clinton campaign has been trying to control Hillary's campaign events as much as possible.
Taking the cellphones and cameras of possible voters, however, is usually reserved for high-level national security events, not campaign stops.
Well, she has much to conceal and needs all the help she can get to do it.

Thursday, April 16, 2015


I laughed when Top Gear mocked them but now and however, I like them. Always have. This is for you Buck. I'm going to send my music your way.


I thought he would do this when his neighbors invited him to the world when he proposed expanding his studio.

Make no mistake. I am glad. 

I lived there. That was my backyard. All those mean bitches getting the backhand? Ha!

with this one I will simply say, elliptical and leave it at that. You had to be there.


They were going downtown to kill.

Strategic bombardment. I don't think I could do it. Wiping out cities. No No.

I had an image here of a pretty girl but that just skews the point. Every single man in every single plane had a girl or two to go home to but they did this, day after day.

When you look at the flak and consider it was launched by people desperate to keep the bombs from falling on their loved ones...

Wednesday, April 15, 2015


It's coming up on Monday. They are going to use radio tomography to peer into things beyond the sight of mere mortals. Still, and for all that, that album by Paul Simon rules. That man came out of Africa with a legendary music trove.

One needn't stir to correct me on any of this. It is part of who I am. I made up most of the lyrics to just about any song you ever heard.


I have read science fiction my entire life starting when I was 5. The gulf between fans has been widened, deepened, seeded with mines and punji sticks and slathered in napalm. It makes for fun reading.

From Monster Hunter Nation

Take this “Wrongfan” moniker I now see popping up on Puppy sites. Neither I nor any of the other SMOFs or trufans or worldconners that I know have ever called you or your friends “wrongfans.” You guys made that up and applied it to yourself.
Damn right we did. I’m pretty sure I invented the word Wrongfun to describe how the perpetually outraged crowd on Twitter was perpetually offended that somebody somewhere was having fun wrong.
Let me give you an example of wrongfun. After my last letter to you went public I had three or four people concern trolling me on Twitter because I used the term “Twitter Lynch Mob” to describe a well-known type of behavior. They’re perched like falcons, waiting for somebody to transgress, so that they can swoop in and feel superior. If you use the wrong words, play the wrong games, read the wrong books, wear the wrong shirt, they’ll be there. These people are always looking for an excuse to shake their fingers at you for having fun wrong, hence the term, Wrongfun.
I am happy to be on the side that doesn't vilify and crucify. I have never, in my life, called anybody a racist or a sexist or a homophobe or a misogynist or a Jesus botherer. I'm 54 and it never occurred to me in all that time to invoke the language of true hate. I find it odd though how the liberals invoke the new Gods at every controversy to smear their opposition with the language of hate and contempt. It must be a precious thing to be a modern American liberal and use the terms they like to condemn the prisoners at the bar before they are ever allowed to confront their accuser or seek the light of justice.
It's like we have Bush Derangement Syndrome all over again. ...Long after the last Bush has gone. 

Tuesday, April 14, 2015



What other name would be more appropriate for the Commanding General of Air Combat Command. He just fired his vice commander.
The Air Force has been criticized over the last few months in its handling of the A-10 in its quest to divest the close air support airframe, particularly in how it has previously reported the attack aircraft's role in combat compared to the Air Force's other bombers and attack planes.
Gen. Hawk Carlisle, commander of Air Combat Command where Post was assigned, issued a letter of reprimand and had Post moved from his position as vice commander at the command.
I can't recall. Did the Air Force fire everybody involved in loading nukes on a bomber and sending it away, all oblivious of the fact that they somehow made it into a nuclear weapons magazine and mistakenly loaded nuclear weapons on a bomber? I mean, a good thorough top to bottom scrubbing of all involved in that fiasco?  I think they took the same approach the navy did with this idiot. They recommended that idiot for promotion to admiral despite his idiocy.
In 1987, while flying off the aircraft carrier USS Saratoga, a Lt. j.g. Timothy W. Dorsey fired a missile at an Air Force F-4 reconnaissance jet piloted by then-Lt. Ross. Lt. Ross. He and his backseat officer ejected as the F-4 plunged into the sea. 
A Navy investigation called Lt. Dorsey’s decision an “illogical act” that “raises substantial doubt as to his capacity for good, sound judgment.” 
“The September 22, 1987, destruction of USAF RF-4C was not the result of an accident, but the consequence of a deliberate act,” the investigator wrote. “His subsequent reaction [to the radio command] demonstrated an absolute disregard of the known facts and circumstances.” 
The Navy banned him from flying for life.
....and yet found him suitable for promotion to admiral.

I think Inspector Generals should carry sharp swords when they investigate and have carte blanche to swing them vigorously.

If you have nothing to do on a rainy weekend, read, Once an Eagle by Anton Myrer.

Monday, April 13, 2015


Victor Davis Hanson does a point by point deconstruction of Hillary Clinton in in his piece today about her ambition to be president. It reminds me of the insightful book: by Harry G. Summers, On Strategy: The Vietnam War in Context. 

I highly recommend reading the article because it pretty fairly and accurately describes the motivations and flaws of Hillary and her ambition to control the nation.

That is Hillary Clinton’s past, present, and future. There is nothing more. No record — ever — of success, no innate charm, eloquence, brilliance,  or campaign savviness. And given her iconic female candidacy, her turn, her money — and the lack of an alternative — Hillary Clinton needs no agenda, whether a past one to defend or a future one to rally to. 
The agenda is simply that Americans are not doing well because of all sorts of illiberal enemies who conspire to thwart them due to their class, race, and gender — and the nation’s first woman president will make it all nice. 
Don’t laugh. It may well be a winning formula in the present-day United States.
I think one lying, vicious, unprincipled President per century ought to be the limit. We've reached that limit already for this Century. Two in a row would be incredibly destructive and this place would take on most of the aspects of imperial Soviet and Chinese Communist Party run latifundia.

Friday, April 10, 2015


I was at a dinner last night here in MetroParkCentralis and one of the comments heard across the table was that the NRA were a bunch of hypocrites which is just exactly what one would expect of rethuglican mouth breathers and wife beaters. The claim was asserted that the annual NRA convention forbade the possession, in their convention, of operational firearms because snarly despicable hypocrites.

I followed up this morning and see that yes, the NRA is having its annual convention and it is in Nashville and yes, one of the venues does not allow firearms. That's because it is a fire arms free place and always has been. The actual convention venue says, no no, just bring your guns and please don't shoot anybody. Just obey the laws of the State and the city and have a valid Tennessee permit if you carry.

I'm guilty of inductive reasoning. I try very hard not to be but sometimes one leaps to conclusions because they're the obvious thing one expects of 'those guys'. I admit that these days I mostly do that with arabs and muslims. Yes, I am inclined to expect the worst from both of those groups. I don't know why. I just wonder at people who leap to those conclusions in areas where the history has never supported any basis for electrocuting the 'other' guy. 

I get a real kick out of people who slang at the rethuglicans. I don't like them myself but at least I recall who they are. They are the party of Lincoln and they were the ones that fought slavery to a near standstill here in America. What did the NRA ever do to them, theirs or them like them? It's an organization, like the ACLU, dedicated to supporting one of the amendments in our Bill of Rights. How could that possibly be bad? Yes, I've seen all the movies over the years where Hollywood actors spew passionately about 'taking the guns.' That's OK. That's another one of those amendments in the Bill of Rights, free speech.

Hypocrites in that crowd who denounce your right to own or carry a weapon also have armed body guards who go everywhere with them. It's OK for them, but not for you. 

I dig guns. I have since I was 10 years old and we could go to the indoor firing range at Fort Riley as Boy Scouts, sign for a 22 cal rifle and shoot a box of bullets at targets before returning the guns to the small in-house armory. It wasn't like later when every time I shot an M16 there was some jerk demanding that I not only clean it but polish it and wax it and shine it before returning it to the Marine armory we borrowed them from.

I have never really understood the animus against guns. It's stupid, liberal, progressive and reflexive. If everybody carried a gun you would never again see a massacre because the rest of us would pull out our gun aim and fire. It's only when a 'lone gunman' has a gun that we see tragedies beyond grief. Those without weapons are massacred and idiots fools and progressives blame the gun.

All that said and I have never really even considered getting a license to carry. I don't carry. Girls can do it pretty easily. Put it in a purse and keep on walking. When I did carry weapons while in uniform it was a pain in the ass. I did counter-terrorism and counter-surveillance and security. I'm going to stick with situational awareness and head on a swivel and absolutely not going where the thugs are. No real need to carry a gun.

I heard this morning on the way to Case that those who were killed and wounded by Major Nidal Hassan have been legally awarded the purple hearts that they deserved. That's the thing about legal carry. Even if every victim had a Texas permit, they still would have been compelled, by law, to leave their guns at home because guns are not allowed on any military installation. You can't even, legally, have them in your car out in the parking lot.

I drove to a place well south of here a few years ago with a pair of WWI rifles and a Boer War era rifle in the back. No ammo at all but still, fire arms. I dutifully and damned carefully checked the laws of all the states I drove through to ensure I didn't go to jail for the rest of my life for transporting weapons. I would not, for instance have driven them to Maine because the only way to get there from here is through New York and I'm not stupid enough to expose myself to New York's laws on weapons. Frankly, I'd rather drive one over the border into Mexico than tangle with the morass of New York. The rifles were a legacy that were being passed to their new custodian. He treasures antiques like that. 

It's an odd sort of rainy day here in MetroParkCentralis. I was hoping for weather.

Thursday, April 9, 2015


Cecil Rhodes has been torn from his plinth in South Africa. Evidently the haters out-hated the non-haters and the University removed his statue. I have to wonder if the haters have any appreciation for history. If unregulated hate gets free to make all the grown up decisions it isn't going to turn out well in the long run. I can say that both as Dictator of Patagonia but also as one familiar with the broad sweep of history. I first read about Rhodes in the books by Wilbur Smith. I was intrigued enough to read a biography of the man. He was one of the giants in our history.

People are still privileged to be on the receiving end of a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford.


Regret is more powerful than anything I know. It takes a little while to shove that door closed.

I think that he wrote well. YMMD.  I beat up an author yesterday telling her to try to be more prolific. Authors are pretty tough. She would hate this writer with passion. I would that David Palmer wrote more but I suspect that's a closed door. The image is the thing in this case. It reminds me of another young lady boldly heading into the world. Yeah, I keep posting it because I can but if you wonder why, this came out a lifetime before my young lady appeared. I was still sweeping mines in the Persian Gulf when he wrote this and his second book.

he did write more but you have to put on digital footpads and trace it across the webs because it was never published.....but it is out there.

And now we have the thunder and lightning of Spring which, Oh God, I missed all those years in the Middle East and southern California.

I'll do this from time to time when the climate strikes me. Unlike the other thing, I enjoyed reading it.


I sometimes debate with myself so I always win, such as putting news stories on the blog like this one. This one raised an old fear because I could not believe how this country allowed it to happen. When my wife left and took away our child, it hurt.  Knowing that she could, at any time, fabricate a story of child abuse and land me in prison was really scary. I mean terrifying. The law isn't pretty.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015


I spent 3 hours today with one of the most liberal and progressive people I know. We always agree on things because I enjoy and treasure my little sister's company. It was the most amazing thing to sit there in her kitchen in my slippers, black shorts and pink Maine Maritime t-shirt and hear her, who has no guns, agree that we've reached the point where no citizen who shoots a cop breaking into a house can be branded a murderer.

I tend to think of her as unworldly but she isn't. We referenced the killing above and several other incidents where the cops did the full judicial murder.

The cops themselves have made themselves victims of justifiable homicide.

When both she and I are done with the law, the nation is done with the law.  I don't think the police are going to like it.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


At last, spring.  The birds sound happy in the rain.


If one is lucky beyond belief, one has the outer gate held by super competent warriors. To be honest, this is the way it works for any successful enterprise.

I think this is the very first time I stopped after mature reflection on this topic. I was going to address how essential they are to business and success and mention A Message to Garcia.

Without HELP nothing gets done. You really want good help. You can pick and choose. Long before I went with incompetent 'entitled' help, I'd pick the other one that knew how to add and subtract, could read and write and help me every day.


Who knew it came from a chant religious? "I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea;" psalm.

To be honest, I take the wings of evening and still dwell in memory of the sea. I put up a post long ago talking about the Wings of Morning. As metaphor I thought it did very well.

I'll tell you how it now goes. There is no Federal Law Enforcement agency that actually bothers to enforce the law. In many ways, that is a good thing but in other ways, we just kicked the bucket as a society. C'est domage.

Monday, April 6, 2015


Interesting article at What's Up With That. Bring the guns, knives and artillery to any debate. One shouldn't have to fall back on the lower pyramids to support an 'argument.'


It's a classic and there's a reason.

There has been quite the dustup in the Hugo Awards this year and this video somehow struck me as apropos. I have to admit, I'm one of those who expected the Sappish Inquisition. They moan endlessly about hate and eating babies for breakfast and oddly enough, never note the true spewers of hate and vile. You can tell those guys pretty easily, it's all bigot that and bigot this and pervert and racist and pedaphobe, something about glabecquits or some such acronym.

If you're into watching Saruman take down Barad-Dur, it's all good. :) Those of us left in Gondor just laugh as they destroy each other in a complex weave of hate and contempt.

I've been reading speculative fiction since I was 8 but at least these clowns never ever mention Perry Rhodan. As a young lad traveling to Newfoundland by car and ferry there was just one type/kind of book available in the book stores and book racks along the way from Newport to Saint John's and Halifax and all the way back and it sucked. Perry damned Rhodan. Experience the thrill of finding episodes 11, 45, 73 and 209 in the rack at the store. It made Dumarest of Terra look thrilling and sequential.

I side with the Revolutionaries in the dustup. Books go better with a bit of tea and it's not like they dumped it all into the Bay. I bet they took a lot home with them. Damned tea drinking book partiers.

Friday, April 3, 2015


Yeah, we were going to sing  together when you were in first grade. My uncle Jobie, who retired as a navy captain and commanded a destroyer in the Pacific during World War II, named his house in Norfolk, Honah Lee. He had a sign out front. He also, cheerfully, drove an 'unsafe at any speed' convertible because he liked it and screw that Ralph Nader loser.

He was a  cousin, so unlike all those aunts that show up at inconvenient times, he never did. He wore a beret which was unusual and he wore his command pin on it. He wintered over five or six times in our Polar base. You know how it works. He wanted the certificates on the wall, but the mistress runs the house so he kept the certificates where they belonged, in the downstairs bathroom. He had two boys, Marko and Tim. They were minor gods to us and we didn't know that they didn't live on a little lake until they put the outboard motor on the rowboat we used to paddle around their pond and motored 10 miles up to Norfolk Navy Base. I have no doubt that you would have liked Uncle Jobie and you'll like Tim. He used to be our Ambassador at someplace. Nowadays he raises grapes and race horses in the Shenandoah Valley.

Thursday, April 2, 2015


I enjoy reading Thomas Sowell on any topic. In this area he doesn't appear to understand one of the basic facts of the Red States.
It is amazing -- indeed, staggering -- that so few Americans are talking about what it would mean for the world's biggest sponsor of international terrorism, Iran, to have nuclear bombs, and to be developing intercontinental missiles that can deliver them far beyond the Middle East.
It's going to be hard on Israel when the first nuke goes off over Tel Aviv. It will be much worse when Israeli nukes flatten every single city in Iran. Many of us Americans who are concerned that Iran is going to join the nuclear fraternity of international peace and brotherhood are kind of cold-bloodedly sanguine about it because we don't live where the muslim nukes will detonate. You know, those cities that are unabashedly liberal and progressive.

Monday, March 30, 2015


National Review just gave the back of its hand to Lena Dunham for excellent reasons. I particularly liked this line because it is infinitely true and irrefutable:
For instance, we have a Bill of Rights, which could with equal accuracy be called the List of Stuff You Idiots Can’t Be Trusted To Vote On. A majority of Americans don’t like free speech? Too bad, Harry Reid.
There are scores of millions of people who will stupidly vote to terminate the Bill of Rights because they know better than you and hate speech should join guns as things intolerable to any right thinking American citizen. They don't get that tyranny is what they are advocating, frequently at the top of their voices. They are truly loathsome people.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


MARCH 27, 2015

The Big Life of Captain Donald Alexander Malcolm Jr., 60: Not the Years in Your Life but the Life in Your Years

don-malcolm.jpgTaking the award for Obituary of the Decade has got to be this one of €“ Donald Alexander Malcolm Jr. from March 25 in the Homer Tribune

Captain Donald Alexander Malcolm Jr., 60, died Feb. 28, 2015, nestled in the bosom of his family, while smoking, drinking whiskey and telling lies. He died from complications resulting from being stubborn, refusing to go to the doctor, and raising hell for six decades. Stomach cancer also played a minor role in his demise.
Don cherished family above all else, and was a beloved husband, father and grandfather. He met his future wife, Maureen (Moe) Belisle Malcolm, after months at sea, crab fishing. He found her in his bed and decided to keep her.
Their daughter Melissa was born “early” six months later. They decided to have a boy a couple years later, and ended up with another daughter, Megan.
He taught his girls how to hold their liquor, filet a fish and change a tire. He took pride in his daughters, but his greatest joy in life was the birth of his grandson Marley, a child to whom he could impart all of his wisdom that his daughters ignored.
After spending his formative years in Kirkland, Wash. with a fishing pole in hand, Don decided his life’s calling was to yell at deckhands on commercial fishing boats in Alaska. As a strapping young man of 19, he moved to Dutch Harbor to fulfill this dream.
Over the next 40 years, Don was a boat cook, mechanic, deckhand, captain and boat owner. Although Don worked nearly every fishery in the Pacific Northwest at one time or another, his main hunting ground was the Bering Sea. He cut his teeth crabbing; kept his family fed by longlining halibut and black cod; then retired as a salmon gillnetter in Southeast Alaska.
Don had a life-time love affair with Patsy Cline, Rainier beer, iceberg lettuce salads and the History Channel (which allowed him to call his wife and daughters everyday in order to relay the latest WWII facts he learned).
He excelled at attempting home improvement projects, outsmarting rabbits, annoying the women in his life and reading every book he could get his hands on.
He thought everyone could, and should, live on a strict diet of salmon, canned peas and rice pilaf, and took extreme pride in the fact that he had a freezer stocked full of wild game and seafood.
His life goal was to beat his wife at Scrabble, and although he never succeeded, his dream lives on in the family he left behind.
Don is survived not only by his wife, daughters and grandson, but by his father, Donald Malcolm Sr; brothers Howard and Mike Malcolm; sisters Lisa Shumaker, Nicki White, Melinda Borg and Patsi Solano.
He also has many nieces, nephews, aunts and cousins who love him dearly, and deckhands who knew him.
He will be having an extended family reunion with his mother, Winifred Thorton; foster parents Marvel and Dutch Roth, brothers Larry and Steve Malcolm, sister Doodie Cake, and other assorted family and friends who died too young.
Posted by gerardvanderleun at March 27, 2015 9:35 AM


What is it about the Clintons and documents? The White House Travel Office documents, the Rose Law Firm documents, the FBI files, whatever their lawyer was working on in the White House before he went off to a park and shot himself in the head. Now the emails that were ours but not hers except she stole them while nobody was looking are all gone. Now, evidently, the secret server in her house is wiped clean of everything,, yeah, I believe that.

I worked for a part of the navy that has no peer. We were told that we could not use our personal email accounts. Nope, the universal assessment of New Orleans and the Pentagon was that we could only use .mil accounts. Of course, neither party made them accessible to my little part of the navy and so we just blew them off and did business over the internets using earthlink and hotmail and gmail because the price of doing business in the 21st century is using the internet.

I remember when they gave us CAC card readers that we could plug into our computers serial anybody still has a computer with a serial port. They had USB CAC card readers but like chumps, they only bought enough for 5 people and all the rest needed a serial port. With your device you could slowly, ever so slowly, connect to your .mil account at the office and download your .mil mail. Or, one could set one's government computer to bounce incoming emails to one's earthlink address.

I am kind of wondering if Sandy Burglar is still out there with classified State Department emails that were sent over whossmanes signature somewhere buried deep in his underpants. The Clintons have maxed out my document meter. If there is a sleazy slimy ooze somewhere, the Clintons will appear out of it like mud covered aliens in the mist with no documentation.