Thursday, September 3, 2015


Why does Clerk Kim Davis go to jail for refusing to obey the law but the President and his organs can flout the law of the land with impunity? Why is San Francisco a sanctuary city that flouts the law on immigration and tolerates illegal aliens who murder? Why can the Justice Department uphold one murder as a hate crime and not another that was clearly motivated by racial hatred? Why don't the police have to obey the law?

If you're looking for answers it might be that you're voting for the wrong officials and tolerating outright lawlessness imposed on us by them.


Per the Daily Timewaster:

For an encore, 34 of the democrat's finest senators have announced their support of Obama and Kerry's plan to give Iran atomic weapons. They muttered something about reaping millions of $ in their follow-on plan to sell more weapons to Saudi Arabia and Israel at our expense of course.


Both the Republican and Democrat National Committees seem to be run by nothing but chuckleheads and feeble minded jackasses. The democrats bruit about hiring a known illegal alien for the national campaign staff even though that is a direct violation of the Federal Election/Campaign laws and the rethuglicans insist that Trump formally forfeit his right to run as an independent if he fails to get the rethuglican primary nod.

Why either committee thinks that they are acting in some clever manner is beyond me. The democrats really can run a candidate like Obama or Clinton even if they did eat an undead baby on live TV during the debates. They won't suffer from any penalty except the loss of the almost undecided. Yeah, that's an interesting inane category of democratic voter that is usually so dim that they don't know the candidates, don't know the issues but they always voted democrat before so it doesn't really matter if the whole party has adopted a universal slavery policy for all Americans making less than $150,000 per year, they're still leaning toward a solid vote for the democrat.

Usually at this point in a campaign, we hear about money and who has it and who doesn't. I admit I don't pay any attention to the broadcast news or print media but I haven't heard anybody questioning Trump's campaign warchest status so I figure he has money backing him from somewhere. As far as I can tell, he's about the only rethuglican candidate who meets the Koch Brothers minimum standard for politicians but I'm not sure if that's true. I don't think Trump has exhaled an honest breath in the last 40 years. I can almost see him at his first public address, maybe at the inauguration laughing out loud and saying, "I fooled you suckers A G A I N! You are so stupid! Didn't you bother to check my voting record, never mind who I gave campaign money to for all these decades?"

It looks like we're in for interesting times. It seems that the new 'Klan with a tan' is making inroads on whittling down the number of police. They are getting some support from people concerned that any police officer can shoot and kill any American and it isn't even viewed as a crime or even negligence severe enough to warrant instant and permanent dismissal as a sworn officer on ANY police force.

At the same time, the police and District Attorneys in Texas have locked up a couple of hundred bikers because nine of their number were killed by gunfire. They've been locked up and no pleas for habeas corpus are being entertained while suspicion grows that the cops are the ones that did all the shooting and the killing and most of the bikers were simply caught in the crossfire of cops shooting at anything that moved.

It looks grim. Nobody will pay others to shoot police but there doesn't appear to be any shortage of people willing to do it. The cops have made no friends by stealing innocent traveller's cash without even deigning to charge the innocent traveller with a crime. The police simply steal their cash and pocket it. They literally put it in their own pockets and walk away from the scene of the notcrime.

I think it would be profoundly funny for a Republican to run for President as a Democrat and simply espouse the same exact things that JFK espoused. That would still put him to the right of everybody except Reagan and would turn the table splendidly on all the dim ones and the sharper ones who would find themselves flailing against the catechism of JFK and what MLK said. It would also add a little gravitas to the mind boggling stupidity of Hillary, Sanders and whossname.

Not with a bang but a whimper.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


World War II finally came to an end on 3 September 1945 with the Japanese surrender onboard USS Missouri anchored in Tokyo Bay.

It was an interesting time.

Monday, August 31, 2015


A lifetime of devoted public service with nary a moment of real work leads to this. It was all bribes all the time and somehow these public servants live a lifestyle with riches any king of the Age of Enlightenment would have/did kill for. How do public servants gain such wealth? Why is it legal? You and I both know the only way they could have this much wealth is if they spent that lifetime in public service selling themselves for money to the highest bidder and we all know that, as democrats, they don't stay bought like honest politicians so they have to be bought again and again and again.

Remember who repealed Glass-Steagall and destroyed the strong banking system Americans enjoyed right up until then? Yep, Bill Clinton did that and so when the Investment Bankers collapsed under the disaster they and Fannie Mae and Freddy Mac and Congress implemented, they took down the S&L's and the regular commercial banks.

Bill was richly rewarded for his deliberate destruction of the United States banking system and worldwide economic collapse.

Thanks Bill.


While perusing Watts Up With That I got to wondering how many other blowhards had predicted the irreversible tragic end of life on earth if global warming wasn't halted by 2012. I realize we're all now doomed to a horrible grisly death but it looks like any number of apparatchiks have been proven to be nothing but opportunist alarmists, liars and data fiddlers. You know the anti-free speech folks always cite the 'crime' of shouting Fire! in a crowded theater as behavior that must be punished with jail. How about we do the same to the global warmists who keep shouting Fire! and demanding a handout for pointing out the untreatable, intractable, irreversible tragedy of climate.


Found at Traditional Vibe.

Sunday, August 30, 2015


I thought this article was about something else.

Yep, I thought it was an article that was going to describe how the laser fence erected to protect birds was instead flash frying them with beams of light. Nope. Anyhow, Anne Bonney wondered why utility companies didn't put some sort of flashing light warning or dayglow paint strip or screamer on the giant windmills of avian death. I don't know. Why don't the biggest bird predators try to limit the carnage by giving the birds some sort of warning of impending doom?

Admittedly, I led with a joke. If you're a bird and you can't see what you've flying into, you should probably walk.


Mr. Felix Kumi has stepped into the clearing at the end of the path. He was selflessly sacrificed by a New York City police officer in order that the police officer might survive an illusory bullet not fired from what may be a BB gun that looked like a gun.

Greater love hath no innocent bystander than to be gunned down by cops intent on their own safety.

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Defiant has shifted his pennant for a few days. Departed MetroparkCentralis on Monday, return 4 September.

Monday, August 24, 2015


I am amazed at the alacrity with which France has acted and, given that two of the awardees are members in good standing of the U.S. military, with how quickly the Pentagon reacted in approving the award. U.S. military personnel are not permitted to receive foreign awards without permission from the highest levels of government. Bravo Zulu guys.

French President Francois Hollande, left, poses for photographs with U.S. servicemen Alek Skarlatos (2nd left) and Spencer Stone (2nd right), US student Anthony Sadler (right) and U.S. Ambassador to France Jane Hartley (center) after an honorary ceremony at the Elysee Palace in Paris, France, August 24, 2015.(Photo: Yoan Valat, EPA)


I stayed up to watch the Hugo Awards Saturday night. It was ugly. Social justice prevailed and the uppity wrong fans were put in their place by the SMOFs and CHORFs. It's always illuminating to watch the socialists at play.

Wrong Fan Getting Just Desserts at Hugo Awards

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Jerry Pournelle at Chaos Manor writes a damning indictment of global warmingology.
Man made climate change is in the same situation except that there are no lab experiments; but their models do no predict the past, so why should we believe they will predict the future? We know it has been warmer (in Viking times, and probably in Roman times), and rather than ex[plain that they adjust the data. I don’t know how to measure the temperature of my city block to a tenth of a degree; when they can do that reliably I will believe they know the Earth temperature to that accuracy. When you can take the conditions of 1950 as input to a model and run it and it gives today’s conditions, I will take the model seriously; but I cannot see any reason to spend billions of dollars on measures there is no real evidence to show we need. I like Los Angeles without smog. I don’t worry a lot about CO2 “pollution”. But then I don’t invest in green technology.
As I read the news about witchfinders in climate science I am struck by the hysteria with which the warmists approach the apocalypse they alone predict. They are not people I would trust with a gun because I have no doubt they would use it to compel all the rest of us to obey the hysterical nonsense they spout.

Saturday, August 22, 2015


The rhetoric surrounding this years Ulchi Focus exercise is a little more worrisome given that both sides are now firing artillery at each other over the border. It will be interesting. This is the first time I can recall the US and ROK have stood down from the exercise because of outraged bleating from North Korea.

I'm unutterably glad that I'm not there. Seven straight years of being present for every US/ROK exercise; Ulchi Focus Lens, Foal Eagle, Freedom Banner, etc was enough. It was hard not to parrot the USFK staff who were upfront and honest when they said again and again that what we were doing was futile since the staffs used to rotate offpen (off Peninsula) every year which left us with the same level of expertise after 50 years of playing the same game as rookies playing their first game. Naturally, that is not how the norks played the game.

In the old days one might wonder if naval reinforcements were being dispatched to the western Pacific. Since our national command authority has their heads in a bag I doubt we've so much as issued an alert order for movement much less dispatched a battle group.

As the Soviet Union and Warsaw Pact collapsed it was an accepted article of faith by those familiar with the Kim's that they would never part with their weapons of mass destruction and would sooner use them and lose the war than surrender an inch. Carting a gas mask around Seoul seemed to us to be a stupid waste of time and effort since we figured the norks will nuke the place in their opening shot of the next war. Thank you Madeline Albright, Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton. You made it all possible with your addlepated ignorant 'diplomacy.'


Those familiar with the history of World War II and the code breaking era know of the extraordinary damage the allies were able to wreak on our enemies because we read their top secret messages because we were able to break the Enigma and Purple Codes (and a host of others). We were able to predict the Japanese attack on Midway and position what remained of our Pacific Fleet in a position to destroy the Japanese Navy's aircraft carriers and end the Japanese onslaught and begin turning the war into a string of never-ending defeats for Japan.

Hillary and her enablers in the State Department put us in the position of the Japanese and the Germans by giving away our top secret positions on every single matter of diplomacy and war that fell under the auspices of the U.S. State Department. Those people need to go to jail.

People (albeit dim witted people) wonder how Putin was able to pull off such masterful accomplishments as stealing Crimea back from Ukraine, aiding Syria in pulling off the Syrian chemical weapons scam that bamboozled the ignorant because he knew that Barack was only lying when he talked about a red line and invading Ukraine with impunity and complete assurance because he knew that diplomatically and presidentially nothing would happen to him as a result of invading a foreign sovereign government's country. How did he know all this? He read it in Hillary Clinton's damned email because the Russians had every scrap of data off her server in real time.

People who have no idea how National Security Information works may wonder at the vehemence of those who do know at the calamity that Hillary initiated because she broke the law. Charlie Martin gives an expert and easy to follow example of just what had to happen in order for Top Secret SCI information to get onto Hillary's home server and servers in a bathroom closet in Denver in Hillary's Air Gap Problem.

Hillary Clinton and her aides and even 'real diplomats' who sent Top Secret information to Hillary at her .com address need to go to jail. People who break those laws must be sentenced to prison and not receive presidential pardons if the law is to have any meaning and encourage people to obey the law. Scooter Libby was sentenced to prison for far less and people like Pollard and Manning will spend decades in prison for violating the same exact law.

I've always known that Hillary Clinton was scum but this time she cannot evade responsibility for her actions and neither should any of those who sent her TS SCI information at her email address. There was NO WAY that this could have happened by accident. No way in the world could it happen by accident. Some idiot installer may stupidly and inadvertently connect a SIPRNET server to a NIPRNET connection but there is no way that can happen with this level of information. Somebody pulled it off a stand-alone terminal, stripped the headers and footers and the paragraph markings and knowingly communicated it to an unclassified unprotected server.

Consider all the damage we were able to do to our enemies throughout World War II and much of the Cold War because we could read their diplomatic and military coded messages and communications. There were a lot of times when we weren't bluffing at all because we knew what our enemies would accept if push came to shove and our President and his staff knew they could get away with forcing the enemy that far, if no further. Hillary put us in that position but this time it was our enemies who knew what are diplomatic bottom line was better than anybody on the planet because they read her mail and it included the President's stance on any given topic under active consideration at the State Department.

I'm going to wait patiently for somebody to now leap out of the woodwork and exclaim that "Hillary was a Stalking Horse and she was DELIBERATELY feeding misinformation to our enemies by engaging in this private home based server email system!" She was being used by the Intel Community in a deliberate plan for deceiving our enemies. Wait for it, it will happen soon. Never mind that it seems to have always worked in favor of damaging our national security our credibility  and world peace.

Friday, August 21, 2015


Glen Reynolds describes U.S. Marines with a pithy statement.

Sometimes I regret pulling the plug on the news. I'm glad that there were some Marines on the train because otherwise it sounds like it would have been an absolute massacre.

UPDATE: It seems that the heroes involved were actually an Air Force Airman, an Army National Guardsman and an American civilian, 3 friends who were traveling together at the time. Bravo Zulu guys.


From Patterico and the 7th Film,

One can only hope that Dante got it wrong.

Thursday, August 20, 2015


I see that the People's Democratic Republic of Californiastan are legislating again in their ongoing endeavor to make the Republic safe for illegal aliens, public sector unions and elected politicians. They've come up with a crafty plan to ensure continued Title IX employment for life at every level of education in both the private and public arenas. All this in response to claims that not enough is currently being done about campus sexual assault accusations. "Yes-means-yes policies already define sexual consent in a way that will lead to more students being accused of sexual misconduct for non-criminal activities."
Two more bills currently in the California state legislature would aim to address the issue. One would require all of the state's universities – public and private – to disclose what disciplinary actions were taken against students accused of sexual assault. Another bill would require universities to indicate on transcripts when a student cannot re-enroll due to a suspension or expulsion.
I don't know why these people run in fear of the Feds and their iron barbed whips. If I was the campus administrator or university president I would dignify every accusation with the same response and have my people call the local police with jurisdiction and have them investigate each allegation. How can justice be better than that? We are all in search of justice, aren't we?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015


It's interesting how that was Al Gore's mantra during his days as Vice President to Mr. Vice. He uttered those words 'no controlling legal authority' seven times in response to claims that he violated the law. Does anyone doubt that Obama and whoever his vice president is break that law every single day now with complete impunity?

Hillary is interesting in that she has not so far as I know, used Al Gore's words but she must be getting close as the usual Clinton fire walls go up in flames. You see this time she doesn't have anybody to blame. There is no cutout man who can take the fall for such an obvious and flagrant abuse of national security information. She took point on this one and deserves to get Gored.

The thing I wonder about now is, just how many other throne dwellers are making the same cavalier assumption that the rules don't apply to them? Do you suppose any of the various Inspectors General have made queries about the status of their management of classified information over unclassified networks? Have they investigated the readiness of their organizations to respond to Freedom of Information requests? I doubt it.

I've been on the wrong end of FOIA requests. I remember one that came in while I was at NAVCENT asking us for information on every ship, squadron, mobile unit, detachment and person who was in a given place five years earlier during DESERT STORM. We all kind of laughed and wondered who among us would have records dating back to the time of the person holding the job 4 times removed from the time in question. There wasn't a scrap of information about that time in the files I inherited. I recalled that we'd rolled 6 to 9 mobile units through the area in question during the war but I couldn't tell you which ones.

Electronic record keeping was also something of a joke. That command didn't even have an unclassified network. We had a fully operational and stable classified network but there were severe network storage limits that constrained the number of mbytes of storage one could retain. There was no disc burning or external drives. Everything was pretty much overwritten by new stuff every couple of weeks. I suspect that this is how it works even to this day.

Working at a systems acquisition command we had an unclassified network but had to beg time on classified networks. Unclassified electronic record retention was useless. The information was all coded to the person and was thus unretrievable in any case after they transferred. The classified material could not even be printed much less stored to any electronic storage media.

We know Clinton didn't review her 60,000 emails but somebody did. What kind of security clearance did that crew have? They obviously weren't familiar with what constitutes national security information but I'll bet anything you like that they knew how to snuff out smoking political guns and deep six information damaging to the Hillary's political ambitions. It's really too bad she couldn't be bothered to have a couple of real national security/America First types working in that organization of hers. Of course, her employees all worked for the State Department.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I made one change to my browser last week and lost all ability to comment on my own blog or on anybody else's blog for that matter. It took some tweaking to make it right again. Can you imagine what would happen if I was to go all Lex and decide to mess around with SQL?

Exactly! You'd never hear from me again.


If you are not familiar with IceCap Asset Management, their newsletter for August makes fascinating reading. I was struck by their observation on Greece.

As they go on to note, there is no way on earth that Greece can repay the loans it keeps taking from the EU, IMF and Central Banks. Even if they did raise taxes, cut spending and start paying back the principle it still cannot be done.

For an interesting counterexample, they follow this up with how Iceland handled the 2008 financial devastation by defaulting and throwing bankers in jail. Oddly enough, Iceland is back to within 3% of its GDP before the 2008 collapse while Greece is another 33% in the hole after taking loans from everybody in an attempt to ward off accountability.

People who have knocked Farage et al for their continued doomsaying about the EU gloss over the fact that he is right and that all that has happened since 2008 is a series of frantic efforts to paper over the obvious fact that the EU is broken at a fundamental level. Of course, one can say that about our Congress and government.

When there is no more money the answer is not to spend more money.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


In the mail today was the announcement we've been waiting for.

Friday, August 14, 2015


Writing as one with an extensive background in the issues involved in the ongoing crisis that is exposing Hillary Clinton as quite possibly the stupidest politician of this age, I have to point out that she wasn't the first powerful democratic party figure to flail away all the rules and laws about transmitting and storing classified data. Remember that Obama insisted on keeping his Blackberry and there are many photos of him wearing it on his belt in the early days. He too, thought it the wisest course of action to co-mingle his ongoing private electronic mail with his official electronic mail. That's how smart he is. He demanded it. Sirica's actions in forcing Nixon to release the tapes meant nothing to this Constitutional scholar.
That means Obama gets to go through the same ridiculous shaming that Hillary set herself up for when she mingled her accounts. She didn't have to do it and despite what some expert tells you, it's really very easy to find out if she did turn over all the official emails by comparing all the email that her Chief of Staff, Deputy Chief of Staff and Department Heads sent to the email account of the Secretary of State and if she didn't produce them in response to judicial orders then she is in contempt of court. She's also an idiot.

She hung herself out to dry because she thought she could get away with it. She could hide all her crimes and felonies in a basement in Chappaqua and nobody would ever find out because there could always be a tragic basement fire or flood that destroyed the hard drive that might be used downstream to incriminate her. You know what else she did that was stupid? She let everybody know that the ONLY way to reach her was at her private email address and server. Literally everybody who corresponded with idiot knew she was breaking the law and trying to hide official records and anyone of them could have ratted her out 5 years ago. She counted on the loyalty of henchmen. Of course, she went to extraordinary steps to make sure that nobody but Obama could ever sit in judgement of her while she was Secretary.

She forgot that she wasn't always going to be an untouchable and that oft evil will shall evil mar. There's always a Wormtongue around when you least expect it and when you consider that the phrase was spoken after the idiot used the 'all-seeing' Palantir as a rock and threw it at the enemies of his master it makes you appreciate the amazing JRR Tolkien all the more.

I understand the low information voters who will vote for her even if she ate a black baby on live TV but I don't understand the professoriate and the elite cognoscenti who think she would make anything but a disaster as president. I figure that, as with those same folks who elected Obama, they figure they'd own her once she took office. Consider that the National Debt tripled under Obama because he owed so many favors to so many plutocrats and they didn't want a measly million here, a million there, they wanted hundreds of billions of dollars. And they got it.

Thursday, August 13, 2015


I have to get me one of these signs.

UPDATE: The most recent update of her serial high crimes and violations of the law.

I suppose we could have the FBI send the server to the NSA and order them to restore all the data that was on that server when Clinton resigned as Secretary of State. Alternatively, we could send it and a million $ to the Peoples Liberation Army National Cyber Warfare Center and ask them to do the same and send it back. Either way, we'd get more information out of it then we will now.


There is an interesting review of Steyn's latest book posted at wattsupwiththat. I highly recommend hitting the link and reading the entire review. I found it amusing but disturbing that Mann's friend decided to write his own review even though the book hasn't shipped yet and I doubt Steyn or his publisher would send him an advance copy.

This is the final nail through the coffin lid of the Global Warming Scam and it's little sidecar of deceit. Al Gore made it a war on warming but I think we have all seen how the failure to win that war lead to the war on climate change. It looks like a war nobody can win because whatever kind of weather we experience in the future the fools and morons will rush to shriek, "Climate Change!!!!" and demand our billions of dollars to "fight it."

Anyway, if you enjoy a rousing debunking of a myth manufactured out of pseudo-science, lies and deceit, you won't find better.