Wednesday, August 20, 2014


It's getting kind of old. You know guys, if you're going to try this all the time? You need to coordinate. It looks all kinds of suspicious and damning when every single organ of government controlled by the democrats is dedicated to the sole task of screwing over conservatives.

How do you force the people to disregard and disrespect the law? There's a way. You work very very hard to make sure that no man can trust the law.

How exactly does making the law "optional" work for you?"  Democrats ruined it for everybody.

You can read about it in the latest version of the History of the Peloponnesian War.


I watched Steyn eviscerate the fascists and anti-speech liberal ruling elite in Canada years ago and never doubted he would prevail against them here. How gratifying to see even the liberals notice the stakes in the game.


I was just looking at what happens here under the hood and was struck by the collapse of the Fire Fox browser.  I myself shifted to either Safari or Chrome many months ago but I find it interesting that many of my readers have done the same thing in recent months. FF used to dominate followed by IE. As of this moment, FF is down to 11% of traffic here. There are actually more holdouts still using IE. It's almost like finding people still using Netscape or Mosaic...

Gee, I wonder what Mozilla did to burn so many bridges almost overnight....

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Remember when George flew out to one of our carriers returning from DESERT STORM and the liberals suffered a SCRAM and freaked out at the obtusity of the sign stretched across the ship's island?  It was true after a fashion since neither the Navy nor the Nation had sailed into battle with any other goal than toppling Saddam. It looked pathetic only in hindsight as the Armed Forces were forced to remain and try to turn a filthy lawless land into a strong independent nation.  In that regard we did about as well as the Nation did for the last Fifty Years in the War on Poverty and the War on Drugs.  Nonetheless, it was a genuine moment of triumph and one wonders which of Obama's and the Democratic Regime's offerings since then have come close to the sense of victory and achievement of that moment when our forces returned home victorious.

I suspect that the only thing we can point to is Obamacare. Likely it too will prove Pyrrhic in the end. We will get some idea here in a few months following the midterm elections.  I find it telling though that while the Lightworker goes about his fund raising activities with a near religious mania, no democrats running for re-election ever want to appear with him on their campaign stops even when fortune favors them with an appearance by Obama within their district.

Insert mental image of the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED picture here.  I'd do it myself but blogging on an iPod is kicking my ass.


Given this administration, and that the enemy has gained control of Haditha dam, can't you just see the administration response? It probably looks something like this.

"Let's take away the threat and blow the dam ourselves."  I'm not sure if that was Hillary, Donilon, Jones or Brennan talking. They all have the same point of view. I'm sure it occurred to all of them.


From the web over the last couple of days. Global warming excuses for why the world fails to match any of the dread models.

"Scientists" gotta Pay!

Pretty scary.

Monday, August 18, 2014


From our Arlington correspondent a question for the ages and the answer:

Some stores are incredibly dangerous and should be left to experts.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


A lovely explanation of why the models are never wrong and why deniers are just a bunch of stupid pathetic losers.

Don't even think about touching the model. Just don't.*

*Many years ago I asked Sondrakistan to reconsider ditching her model. I don't regret it and everybody else chimed in pretty rapidly. Years and years later, she remains.

** I used to use Lex's page to jump to his blogroll and never thought to copy them down and then, his page went dark and I forgot so many of the places that I used to go.

Saturday, August 16, 2014


It wasn't all that long ago;

At exactly 9:30 AM on January 15, 2009, a flock of unsuspecting geese was sucked into the engines of United Airways Flight 1549 out of New York's La Guardia airport. Karma, it seems, wasted no time catching up with the sinister aircraft, for it suddenly spiraled out of control and plunged into the icy water of the Hudson River. Save for the passengers and crew, there were no survivors.

Desperate for another "Joe the Plumber" to ruin Obama's historical day in the sun, the Right Wing Media is hailing the pilot of the Death Plane, Chelsey Sullenberger III, as a "hero". Excuse me, but if I moseyed on down to the local park and took a weed-whacker to a flock of endangered waterfowl, they'd lock me up and throw away the key - and rightly so. Indeed, in a sane, rational, progressyve world, Sullenberger would be frog-marched out of the airport in leg irons. Instead, he gets the key to the city and gushing adoration from the so-called "unbiased press". Worse of all, he shows absolutely no remorse for the lives he destroyed.

"After the crash, (Chauncy Goose-Slayer III) was sitting there in the ferry terminal, wearing his hat, sipping his coffee and acting like nothing happened," one eyewitness complained.

"That guy is one cool customer," a horrified airlines official wept. "He was...behaving like it was just another day at the office."

No shame. No guilt. No conscience. That's the mark of a true sociopath. Kind of reminds you of certain chimpy someone who is at this moment enjoying the last of his stolen days in the White House, doesn't it?

Sadly, both Charles Winchester III and George W. the Shrub will most likely never be tried for their crimes against either humanity or Anatidae. One can only hope that as investigators sift through the mangled, mutilated remains of the slaughtered geese, new evidence will come to light that will put both these murderous neocon bastards behind bars forever.

Who knew they floated?

Friday, August 15, 2014


I think we have shoved our civilization to one side. If one bothers to read this stuff, it reads wrong. very wrong.

Out here? Justice is an open book. When the State closes the book, it is not justice.


I finessed the stupid thing so there is only the one link now.


Ripped from American Enterprise.

Sometimes I give in to an impulse and believe that teachers are actually not doing their jobs. The kids I see going to school across the street every day are filled with enthusiasm and joy of life. I can see it in them every single day. I don't see miserable muppets getting off the busses and heading into the school in the morning and I don't see them coming out of the school in the afternoon. What I see are kids who are glad to be there, with their friends.

Hormones and puberty happen in middle school which is further down the road but still on the same block. Is that where the teachers start to file off the desire for knowledge that the little children have? I think by the time they reach high school it is way too late to engage them again with a desire to learn.

What the hell happens to these kids between 6th and 8th grade just down the road? It does not take Aristotle to teach young children the basic essentials of making a huge success in life by educating themselves with the help of able teachers and rafts of books.

Public education in this country is broken.

Thursday, August 14, 2014


From The American Thinker, the last paragraph.
One result of this K-12 conspiracy is that the least appropriate people, obsessed with the least helpful ideas, educationally speaking, migrated to education.  These were people who valued education not for its own sake, but for social schemes they had in mind.  Whether a kid can read, do arithmetic, or knows very much is not a primary concern for these people.
The people who tinker with education always talk about making changes that will take effect and make things better in a mere five or six years. It's hard to take such people seriously. The process they are messing about with is the oldest respectable profession. Every possible kind of instruction has been tried in the past. Teaching is not rocket science, but it leads to rocket science.  Teaching has moved from clay tablets to slates to paper and computers. Along the way it has incorporated extraneous teaching aids such as film, televisions and even computers.

It was kind of interesting to see that teachers understand that up until third grade the effort is on teaching children to read and after that the effort is to get them to learn by reading.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014


The man for all seasons was well known for his diligence and thoughtfulness a decade ago before he ever left the Senate of the United States for his current job as Secretary of State.

Thanks Jon.


It's unbelievably callous and brutal. After all, how many Vietnamese Iraqis voted for them?

Make no mistake. The people now in charge ALL voted for the War in Iraq. 99% of them voted to support the war and then, they walked away. Maliki deserves most of the blame but the truth is, he merely made it easy for this government to leave them to the death squads.

One thing one might say, if one is a democrat, at least the NVA ran "re-education" camps and didn't just throw them all, bound, into a ditch and machine gun them. That is the fate of all non-Sunni and all the people that ever supported the United States in Iraq. They all know it. I like to think that they all knew it and got out years ago to leave Iraq to the fate it deserves. I live a rich life of fantasy and imagination.

At this point, I think Spengler has it right. This is the beginning of a new 30 Years War....and Richelieu? We don't have one. We had Hillary, Jarret and Kerry.  If you have the time, read the vileness of the comments at the link. They are profoundly illuminating.

Oddly enough, our own State Department saw this coming back in 1996. Their low level officers were happy to point to the demotragic blip that was going to doom the Middle East islamic world to senescence and destruction right around 2007. The arab rulers had rafts of money at the top from the oil and they had a bazillion males who would reach military age in 10 years WITH NEVER EVEN A HINT AT A REAL JOB. What else are they going to do? I'll give that one to the Consular Service as it existed back in the mid-90's. They recognized a demographic tragedy in the making when they saw one. It was the entire arab world so it would have been hard to miss.

Saudi Arabia is next....after Jordan. My advice to Mobarek was to fly away! My advice to the Hashemite Jordanian ruling away. 60% of your population is Palestinian and all the pillars of Middle East rule have fallen except Saudi Arabia and it won't survive the haj. Take your children and go; while the going is good.

When you think about biological warfare, think of people devoted to the downfall of the House of Saud who control the flow of visas for the haj in places where Boko Haram and ebola run rampant and imagine what happens if the plague makes it to Jeddah and Mecca. Inshallah is not going to cover it.

I worked with the true believers in Kuwait after ODS. They were not by any Western definition, sane. At this point, if they survived, they are running the Kuwait Navy and Coast Guard. Their Army Special Forces were my support for several months and they embodied inshallah. The Sabah's would do well to leave; like they did the last time.

I'm not actually, all that worried about the rampant caliphate. Europe is going to have a cow.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


He just stepped out. He was an amazing presence.

Monday, August 11, 2014


You know, after thinking about it for a couple of minutes, I know what the ruling elite fear.
It is actually pretty graphic. You might want to turn away so you don't yack on your keyboard.
All of the ruling class think of the Taxed Enough Already as the equivalent of terrorists like ISIS.
They all think that if we start to move, they will be the ones lined up face down in the ditch waiting for the gunshots to the back of the head or knife at the throat.

They couldn't be more wrong.

Something to look forward to.


Why exactly is the Vice Admiral running the Bureau of Naval Personnel in Washington DC wearing this uniform? Give the uniform board mafia another inch and they'll have us all wearing black capes and plastic fangs because the admirals have no shame at all.

He's "Ready Now" to hide behind a tree or Bush, on an aircraft carrier, at sea in the Persian Gulf, because 3 star flag officers do what they gotta do.

Seriously Bill, this is pathetic.

Have some dignity!

Oops. Now you know how I feel on the subject of senior officers wearing combat uniforms when not exposed to combat. It's very close to my contempt for pilots and aviators who wear their rompers to the office on staff duty.

Vice Admiral William Moran, a typical BUPERS thing. [He's too well camouflaged to be called an officer]

Sunday, August 10, 2014


We had a pair of CH-47s and a B-17 bomber at Burke Lakefront Airport this weekend. The Memphis Belle was here to offer people rides low and slow over the city. I suspect the helos were Guard or Reserve out of Pennsylvania.

Saturday, August 9, 2014


American President announces it's time to bomb more muslims from the air. He was against it before he was in favor of it.

Catch him say that the root cause for bombing back in 2007 was insufficient troops. We're down to just 650 troops in Iraq, most of whom guard the embassy and airport in Baghdad.

Friday, August 8, 2014


I'm as outraged as any right thinking person about the suspiciously wiped hard drives but I do know how it really works in US government service. Your provider gives you the latest hi-end computer with 500 gigabytes of hard drive and applications of enormous power.

Then, the self-same providers decides to ease their job by limiting you to just 2.5 gigabytes of storage on that enormous hard drive and limit your Outlook mail to just 250 megabytes of online storage and FORCES you to delete mails in your inbox and sent mail folders if you want/need to be able to even SEND new mail or open and read new incoming mail.

The terrible thing is though, pretty much all digital data that any government employee gets is retained on the servers and thus, always there, if the IT people perform their legal responsibilities.

When was the first time you ever heard of one of the nerd herd going to jail because he failed to carry out the legal mandates outlined under the government laws that not even the government is going to ever abide by? "Uh?  Your bossiness?  I need umpteen million $ to buy terabytes of storage to keep all the crap you losers send each other....."

Just for instance? Ask any Representative to pull up an email from a constituent sent back in 1999 and  his response to it. Oh sure, the response part would be easy. Crickets. You could try again with a similar email from 2010 or 2014.


I heard he gave a speech yesterday about a mountain in Kurdistan or something. It put me in mind of The Forty Days of Musa Dagh, but it also recalled this gem from the past.

I particularly like the line: why do bad things happen to good people.

I read the book, long ago, while still in school. I hit a phase after reading Oman, where I read Sienkiewicz and quite a few other ancient books including The Forty Days.

Just think of all the things that have happened throughout recorded history that have been documented and then written about and think how close-minded and obtuse one must be to never ever have considered that history does repeat itself, usually in tragedy. Would everybody who didn't know what was inevitably going to happen in Iraq when we pulled our support out overnight, please raise their hand.

Oh well, it was all written 2500 years ago by Thucydides in his History of the Peloponnesian War. People alive today would be stunned to learn that every single fetish and phobia of theirs was dutifully recorded 400 years before the birth of Christ.

It was a long story documenting the reasons for the Downfall of Athenian Democracy. Reading it does tend to make one cynical. Just saying.


The whossname, Telegraph, tries to make this whole furor about nudity and prudity when it clearly doesn't HAVE A CLUE!

Miss Bardot on the beach when we were young

That girl has a cigarette in her hand!


Remember the hole in the ozone that was going to KILLLLL US ALLLL?

Can you all look under the rugs, sofa cushions and your aunt Edna to see what became of it? It sure sounded scary at the time.

Pseudo science has no "best used by date" because it's a scam and lasts forever

Thursday, August 7, 2014


I enjoy Coyote Blog.  Today, you should read his blog. Srlsy! Don't make me steal all his posts!