Monday, November 24, 2014


I think it is interesting to watch Europe change and see how few people are prepared to address that change at any level in the organized media. It started happening about 10 years ago when the blogs started to report on the news that the media refused to report on and then refused to comment on. The problem for the organized media was that they soon took on all the aspects of the Ministry of Truth and fewer and fewer people paid any attention to them. They turned to the real source of information.

That is hard for the organized media to accept. They don't accept that they have so devoted themselves to a single partisan viewpoint that nobody believes them anymore. They think they lost market share and viewers and readers and advertisers because an increasing number of 'little people' stopped reading their pathetic recaps of AP News stories about nothing; all of which were devoid of facts about the sine qua non essentials of true journalism; the who, what, where, when, why aspects of a story and seemed, almost invariably, to blame it on Bush, the TEA Party (they refer to those losers as Tea baggers because they think that's how real journalism works) and the stunning improvements in universal public education standards brought to us all by the Teacher's various unions.

The alarmists at the organized media are the helmsmen of what little remains of a once vibrant media. Each of them thinks of itself as a true inheritor of the mantle of whossname and whosname who lured out a Deep Throat to drop some sort of dime on the plumbers and the Rethuglicans. They would cheerfully go the stake, like Cranmer, wishing all of their peers to "keep the faith."

They don't believe in God or the Devil and they make it clear that morality is something lost to the modern age. They support every kind of deviancy except heterosexual sex between consenting adults which has now earned a label, a pejorative label, that is used by them to describe such lowlifes.

All of them have failed to notice that the declining birth rates of the West mean that the West is going to vanish in the space of 2 or 3 generations. That's OK with them. They all think that we are bad people and that the world is merely accommodating the new rulers in a peaceful and normative way. Not one of them would fight or die to maintain the West.

I guess I can live with that. JRR Tolkien wrote about such people in his epic tale of the Fall of the West. Numenor vanished under a tide of nihilism and excess. So did Athens, Rome and Byzantium. Yet the ideas that make men free always came back. We have had dark ages in the past and we will in the future but the will to be free is damned near unquenchable.

It's hard to watch it fall.

Sunday, November 23, 2014


Reading the weird whacky news so you can too!

I found wonderful story about an arms bust and thought the power of stupid runs deep in some people.
Authorities intercepted a massive shipment of tens of thousands of firecrackers, as well as knives, Tasers and other weapons Thursday that police say was en route to rioters in East Jerusalem.
Intelligence information led police and customs officials to the shipping container in Afula, which had been marked as containing Christmas lights, police said.
It strains credulity that they could think that wouldn't flag a shipment heading to a land of very few celebrants of Christmas. They might as well have marked the manifest, "rockets and bombs."


Meet the people who want to bar code you or tattoo a permanent ID on your wrist. Yeah, you just thought it was the national socialists. They're everywhere these days and they don't even see the fiendish irony.

They always think reducing humans to marked easily identifiable property is the best course of action, for the safety that's in it.

The latest socialists want to use whatever method it takes including mandatory biometrics to make every computer user distinguishable to police investigators diligently searching the cyberspaces for crimes.

Saturday, November 22, 2014


I honestly have no idea about  It is supposedly the best 71 second animation you will see today.

I found it amusing but then I enjoyed the humor of Werewolves of London.


I honestly don't understand what is going on anymore at colleges and universities in America. What happened to the application of justice which was based on a single fundamental principle, if you are the victim of a crime, call the police. When did the police stop investigating rape allegations? Who died and made some university bureaucrat the sole arbiter of a citizen's fate and dismantled all aspects of a legal case and used every means to exclude the law from appearing at the rape hearing?

Glenn Reynolds, the instapundit, has been bringing these stories to my attention. He's been doing that now for over a year which I find incredible. Rape is a serious crime and it is not investigated by empowered university bureaucrats but by police and if the allegations are merited it is tried in a court of law using all the tools that we, as citizens, are allowed and if a man is found guilty, he goes to jail is not merely expelled and branded a sex criminal.

I'd love to know how empowered people somehow decided that there is no longer any presumption to the rule of law in this country. Don't they know it invites a serious backlash? And no, that's no veiled threat about the consequences to coeds from this misapplication of law, it is simple economics. There's a million hungry shark type predators known colloquially as lawyers roaming this country and every single one of them will take a case to sue the endless deep pockets of universities and colleges who really cannot defend themselves in a court of law.

They literally cannot lose in a court of law. I think the universities and the DOJ have done the unforgivable and let the stupid and energetic morons set policy. They're going to rue the day. We wrote the laws that protect the accused for damned good reasons.

From Investor's Business Daily, these seem to be very profound words:
We live in a constitutional republic, and the president who says he cannot wait for the Congress to act ignores a Constitution that says he has to. Article I, Section 8 gives Congress exclusive authority to "establish a uniform Rule of Naturalization" and Article II, Section 3 says that it's the president's duty "to take Care that the Laws be faithfully executed."
Professor Turley told the House Judiciary Committee at a Dec. 3 hearing that Obama's abuse of executive power has grown to the point that "he's becoming the very danger the Constitution was designed to avoid."
Meanwhile, the people who were screaming for Nixon's head merely nod theirs and impute that those of us who are concerned about this illegal usurpation are crazymadfanatics.

Friday, November 21, 2014


This was mine. I had two 5"54 but the one on the fantail reliably killed the #3 Gas Turbine Generator. Par for NAVSEA. My missile fire control system routinely locked onto the same GTG. I also had some real killers. I really liked High Explosive Controlled Variable Time ammo. They reliably detonated at 75 feet over the target.

We've been sending destroyers to sea for years and we keep missing opportunities to use those rounds. I don't think the bad guys know what they're missing. They have to cope with drones and Hellfire. I can live with that.


Ripped off from Maggie's Farm.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


I have to do this to shed the memory of people surfing in ice.

I'm cool with that. I drove to the north shore to see the 40 foot waves hitting that beach. I was surprised that Hawaii didn't shift a couple miles south after each one hit. Then I drove to Bellows Air Force Base where it was more peaceful and calm then you can imagine.


I tend to mock them all because, let's face it, they are the stupidest people on the planet. Their hero is going to announce tonight that he is giving the shaft to Americans and importing pseudo-Americans who will take their place in the voting rolls, in their jobs, in their business, in their hospital beds, in their social security payments, in their SSI, in their carpool lanes and in their stead as first in the affections of the Democratic Party. If liberals had two brain cells to rub together, both of them would be pissed.

But not democrats. You may reliably crap on them forever. They want you to. They need you to. They never get that 'immigration reform' needs to start with building a fence and keeping outsiders on the other side.

OTOH, I've said it here many times and will always say it. If I was somebody who had the misfortune to be born elsewhere, I'd tunnel under a thousand foot high fence in order to be an American or convey that blessing to my children. Play the tune or not. I'm conflicted. I tried marriage and I was born in Germany. The hardest working people I ever met were in San Diego and California and they came from Baja and points south.


I have been reading for many years that parenthood is a fading art. Like all lecherous old men I would be happy to introduce youngsters to the grace that is parenthood. I digress. We went out this evening for beer and pizza and none of us had pizza. The only beer quaffed was by the woman whose husband is in Chicago. The rest of us selected caffeine or water. When I was 20 I never saw this coming. :)

All of us are young 20 somethings but it was a family friendly pizza place and the families and youngsters were there in spades, spandex, matching sport bras well dressed appropriately for -5 degree weather.  I liked them all. They were all good kids and fun. It didn't stop me from pointing dramatically to a corner and shouting, 'dragon!' and stealing the even numbered pepperonis.

When the young family behind me had dessert, one of our party said, "that looks good." It did indeed look delicious. They were two little boys out with mom and dad so I gently said, "look! A dragon." Both boys looked for the dragon while their da explained to them, with humor, how that trick worked while slicing off another sly bit of pie.

I think it is interesting that one can tell, in just a glance, if one is dealing with people who will go along with light harmless humor; and turn away instantly from people you know won't do the humor thing at all and take massive umbrage if you dare it.

I never bring umbrage to the table; way to cumbersome. It was a very good evening out with friends.......and dragons.


CULTURE OF CORRUPTION: Gruber’s Obamacare payday highlights ulterior motives behind ‘do something’ cry.

For all the cursing of congressional gridlock, one of the greatest sources of Washington’s evils may be the bias in favor of doing something.

As voices chime in from the major media, from K Street, and from party leadership for the new Republican Congress to do something, it’s worth pausing, taking a breath, and looking at the recent problems caused by this urge — and the less-than-noble incentives that sometimes drive it.

The Beltway media’s predominant bias is that, for every issue, Washington politicians should do something. The simplest explanation for this bias: it gives reporters something to write about. Inaction is bad for readership.

Democratic politicians’ uncontrollable urge to do something is tied up with their view of government’s role as the champion of justice, the wise arranger of the economy and shaper of culture.

But there’s a deeper motivation to do something, and the Republican leadership shares it: When government takes a more active role in the economy, it creates private-sector employment opportunities for the policymakers — and for their advisors, like Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber.

Gruber, the MIT professor who won almost $400,000 in contracts from the Obama administration in a non-competitive contract process, came into the spotlight again this month when a new video surfaced in which he admitted that “lack of transparency” was crucial to passing Obamacare.

My colleague Byron York pointed to a more interesting Gruber detail: After the bill passed, Gruber won hundreds of thousands of dollars in contracts with state governments setting up the exchanges under Obamacare.

Gruber, then, had to mislead Americans (or maybe just their senators) in order to pass Obamacare, and that opened a gusher of lucrative contracts for him. There is no doubt that Gruber sincerely thought the country needed health-care reform. But still, his financial interest in the bill ought to have raised some skepticism about the numbers he was peddling.

Nonsense. Only greedy conservatives advocate policies out of greed.

Oddly enough, he is not under protection. Any muslim could walk up behind him and blow his head off. Muslims do that.


I looked this weekend for the House of Sunny. Regrettably, she is embracing and enjoying motherhood.... darn it. No fun. No amusing video. drat. I know that she is really happy. Been there, done that.

Speaking as one who reloads fire ships, at what age do parents get over offspring? In my case it is never but then slammed doors, sudden tirades, screamed imprecations and swarms of locusts are not in my future.

OTOH, I would give anything


I was a little surprised when I read this story today. How odd that every thinking soul hates Palestinians except for the cretins in the Department of State and the White House. Somebody once said of them that they never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. [English is fun. One could read that sentence and legitimately wonder if I was referring to the cretins or the other cretins.] They are professional and amateur champions of hate and abuse. When they come to mind they always seem to bring Winston's words back to me, "If Hitler invaded Hell, I would at least make a favorable reference to the Devil in the House of Commons." When it comes to loathsome it's hard to choose between Palestinians and Norwegians.
The Egyptian authorities are demolishing hundreds of houses along its impoverished border with the Gaza Strip to create a buffer zone that will slow the flow of weapons and militants between the two territories.
Army officials told residents in the eastern Rafah area to evacuate their homes on Tuesday. They later confirmed that they planned to empty more than 800 houses – home to about 10,000 people.
I like Palestine because it uniquely demonstrates exactly what happens when low information (stupid) people with excessive energy and enthusiasm for violence are allowed to misrule themselves and never grow up.

There was an interesting photo essay today about the Baron Hotel in Aleppo.  It is hard to believe that this is going on at the very heart of where civilization first flourished. Thousands and thousands of years of recorded history surround this tiny area that once belonged to the Phoenicians and Alexander the Great and Rome and this is what they do with it.

They put me in mind of a Prussianism that I think I first read in one of Jerry Pournelle's writings. I went looking for it. It took about .00000001 picoseconds to find it using google.
Field Marshal Erich Von Manstein (1887-1973), arguably the Wehrmacht's best World War II military strategists who was dismissed from service by the Fuhrer in March 1944 due to frequent clashes with him over military strategy, later articulated Field Marshal Moltke’s model in the following quote:
“There are only four types of officer. First, there are the lazy, stupid ones. Leave them alone, they do no harm…Second, there are the hard- working, intelligent ones. They make excellent staff officers, ensuring that every detail is properly considered. Third, there are the hard- working, stupid ones. These people are a menace and must be fired at once. They create irrelevant work for everybody. Finally, there are the intelligent, lazy ones. They are suited for the highest office.”
If I was the kind of person to pigeon-hole people and be all raysist I might assert that Palestinians don't fall into any of these categories. One might think hard-working and stupid, but no.

One does have to wonder why the cretins at State slobber all over them and want to have their babies. Still, there's an egress for every single one of's just through this door over here.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Any NPR story is like a walk over the railroad bridge with an unexpected train chasing you to the far side. I so admire how that darned fetus changes into a baby and back into a fetus in the blink of an eye.
"Right after the fetus came out, that woman started bleeding from all over," Bahr says. "We did everything we could, just to save her life. But even with a blood transfusion, she ended up dying."
The baby died, too. And it was only then that Bahr and her team learned the truth about the woman's medical history: Two of her relatives had died of Ebola.
We pay them money for their reasoned and balanced reporting of the news.

I think I would rather just give the money to crack addicts.


Sometimes it is fun to fly over the divide and look at it from 90,000 feet. Here is an article on point.
Even as they vow to fight Republicans at every turn on issues that fundamentally divide liberals and conservatives, left-leaning Democrats insist that they will not do so seeking retaliation against a Republican minority that stymied their economic, environmental and social priorities for so long with filibusters and delay. Those days, they insist, are gone — leaving liberals to somehow find a balance between fighting for their convictions and not drawing the same charges of obstruction that have dominated Democratic messaging for years.
“The best news about a Republican majority in the Senate is that the Republican minority is now gone,” Whitehouse said. “They were just a god-awful minority.”
Conveniently overlooked of course is that Senator Reid NUKED the rules that gave the minority any standing in our democracy and used it to ram through legislation that he could not get even with a loathsome filibuster proof majority.

Sadly, it makes one wonder if we should arm our reps to Congress with swords. I can see it now.


As I read this article about deliberate mass murderers I was struck by an odd UnAmerican thought. Oh sure, it's just me that thinks such a thing could never be done here in the United States by agents of the United States who acted lawfully when they seize cars, homes, yachts, etc because there is the tiniest bit of drug residue in some misbehaving youth. No no.
In addition to ordering the demolition of the homes of the terrorists who carried out Tuesday's attack, he also gave orders to move forward with the demolition of the homes of terrorists who carried out recent attacks.
What do you think would happen if, instead of mobilizing the national guard for the violence we all expect when St. Louis's lame ass grand jury announces its decision....right about the time the State Department will pronounce their six year studied opinion on the pipeline from Canada, if the power that masquerades as our government simply announced that they would demolish the homes of the terrorists who plan to loot, fire bomb and frenzy after the grand jury and DA decide to finally show us their cards?

I can kind of see it now. Of course, when the cops did that whole BURN DOWN HIS HOUSE, they probably knew that he was renting the house and the actual home owner had absolutely nothing to do with the crimes and bombs and such.

I can totally grasp the idea of going to the killer's parents and bitch slapping the crap out of them for raising a murdering scumbag. I can even support burning down their home....if they own it and it isn't rented or mostly owned by some bank through a 30 year mortgage.

It  is winter here in MetroParkCentralis and the heat isn't working and it is likely that the tiny little amount of the Milk of Human Kindness that in me remains, has frozen

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


I'm afraid this article reveals some of the things kept hidden by the national media. As with Occupy, it signifies a departure from the norms of civilized behavior. The next thing you know, we'll have the 101'st Airborne deploying again to the United States of America.

I would have been 100% behind its last American Deployment but I was still in school back then and yet of a tender age. Like Nixon, I think that violence, looting, burning and destruction is about all that can be expected from leaders like scumbags Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

I come from a family of artillerists. We used to engage our enemies on terms mutually agreed upon.

Would You like Canister with Your Grape Poupon?


I came across this article tonight about the sub service. Submarines are treated to the very highest category of support. Seriously, what a submarine wants, it gets. The idea that they could be Guam-bound for their entire "deployment" is a shocking testament to the failure of both their leadership and their ability. There is a Submarine Tender based in Guam. There has been one there for almost 3 generations.
"Jefferson City has been in port in Guam since June 21 for various maintenance and repairs," said Cmdr. Brook DeWalt, spokesman for Submarine Force Pacific. "Jefferson City has a very small water leak from a valve internal to the propulsion plant."
DeWalt said the reactor has a water coolant leak that isn't a safety concern and is not putting anyone or the environment at risk because it's contained inside the plant. He also emphasized that officials don't consider the boat to be "stranded" in Guam for the past five months, since it's had the capacity to get underway.
Exactly what kind of sailor cannot replace a leaking valve? Yeah, I know the answer but I enjoy asking the question. Sending a ship to sea with a propulsion system that cannot be repaired at sea is lunacy. We have been operating nuclear ships since USS NAUTILUS got underway over a hundred years ago. [I can fabricate pure shite better than SUBPAC]

This brings up the entire USN deployment plan. Why, exactly, do we have to deploy our ships and squadrons for up to a year at a time when we are a nation at peace and not formally engaged in anything even remotely resembling a war? Back in the Cold War we did it to maintain maritime supremacy but the Cold War is over. The wars a thousand miles inland in Afghanistan are over. The war in Iraq is over. Thanks to our brilliant leadership over the last 12 years we have right-sized the navy.
Right Sizing The Navy

I realize that like Britain, we are closing in on the days of being a shitty little navy. I can handle that. We've done that before and we will again. I do wonder what strategy drives massive ongoing deployments in the face of no threat at all.

If USS JEFFERSON CITY counts as a deployed asset, how much would we lose, as a nation, if half the deploying force simply emulated this "deployed" submarine and stayed at home?

Almost 30 years ago I came across a book in a used book store in San Diego. It was written by the Salvage Officer of the events above and carried on through the salvage and reopening of the Suez Canal after that war. OTOH, it would have been one of the thousands of books I gave away a couple of years ago to the Padre.

Monday, November 17, 2014


Lately, I have been staring into the face of eternity. When it was simply a matter of dying in a minefield or being killed by a terrorist overseas, it was one thing.

How age changes us.

I would that it would not be so.


It comes from the only flight simulator I ever flew. My brother loaned me his copy of F18 decades ago and about the only thing I recall from that pointless flight combat simulator was this woman's voice constantly shouting "terrain, terrain, terrain" and "Pull Up! Pull Up! Pull Up!" It always brought this cartoon to the forefront of memory.

As I read the press these days I am struck with just how on-the-mark that little prescient cartoon was decades ago. Of course there was nothing prescient about it. If you were as brave as a lion and you scratched a feminist 30 years ago, you would find that they bleed outrage and have no humor chromosomes at all. Feminism is a Movement solidly seated on the Group W Bench.

If you think about it, the very worst enemies of the feminist womyn's movement are feminists. They have managed, I think, to relegate their whiny asses to irrelevance. Nobody wants to listen to the permanent complainer class. They have combined to convince many of us that their screeds and impassioned whines of 'SEXISSIM!!!!' can be disregarded because they echo the other whiny class of people who always scream RACISSSSSSSSSSSTTTTT!

It's too bad. I very much prefer the kind of people that enjoy a sense of humor and fun.

She struck a prose 
Ladies seem to like shoes. I don't know why. We tend to love them even when they wear low heels.

She clumped in to show me her new shoes
I worry about the girl above. She means the world to me and she is living with one of the most humor impaired people I know. On the other hand, she knows that. She will, reliably, inform her mother that she votes Democrat from now until forever. The fun is learned early in life.

I think she nailed having fun


I guess a few people are appalled that Vernon Jordan suffered from near total memory failure during his testimony to the grand jury investigating Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. The Washington Examiner's Byron York appears to think that Mr. Jordan did something wrong by declaring that he could not remember the details of something in the past.

That is strange considering what happened to poor Scooter Libby who went to jail and was fined because his memories did not coincide perfectly with meetings and statements in the past about who was responsible for "outing" the odious CIA analyst Valerie Plame Wilson which then resulted in his  destruction by the utterly vile and contemptible Patrick Fitzgerald. Libby had nothing to do with the case and Fitzgerald knew that at the time but Fitzgerald tied him up based on faulty memories during testimony.

This was how the Independent Prosecutor appointed to investigate who leaked information about Plame was handled using the politics of personal destruction:
In January 2004, the Justice Department chose prosecutor Patrick J. Fitzgerald to investigate the leak of Valerie Plame's identity. From the outset, he was made fully aware that the leaker was Armitage, who resigned from the State Department in November 2004 but remained a subject of the inquiry until February 2006 when Fitzgerald told him in a letter that he would not be charged. The New York Times reported on Sept. 2, 2006:
Only a complete idiot would ever testify to anything based on memory alone. That whole Perry Mason schtick where the witness is asked to testify as to where he was on the night in question several months in the past would get an, "I don't know," from me.

Such an honest answer should not have worked for somebody like the Secretary of State since she had an appointment book kept for every minute of the day which details who she met with and a precis of the purpose of each meeting.. The topics actually discussed may be different from the schedule, but where she was, and who she was with is, a matter of official record.

The problem this country now faces is that vile attack on Libby rendered moot the idea that any official would ever attempt to answer an investigator's questions honestly, ever again. The penalty for an imperfect memory is much worse than any penalty for actually committing the crime in question. One no longer takes refuge in the 5th Amendment, one merely doesn't recall.

Way to go Patrick Fitzgerald! You screwed government accountability forever! Scumbag.

Sunday, November 16, 2014


There are some fascinating space related sites that describe and show the Rosetta Comet mission.

The close-in photos of the comet are here.  The details of the orbit mechanics for the complete mission are rendered in a fascinating 3D graphic located here.

Friday, November 14, 2014


It arrived last night. It lingers yet. I can't wait until Spring. From the looks of the snow outside it looks like we might get another foot of snow by noon.

0400 this morning:

I used to use FLIR I, II and III and NVG5 and 7 but I am constantly amazed by what this little camera picks up in the dark. These pictures were taken in full dark with no flash. I think they're pretty cool.